Sliders : Yay or Nay?

Something I would never really imagined 'sliders' or should I say slip-on sandals become so popular and the 'in thing'.

I believe these are going to be like marmite and very similar to uggs, you either loathe them or love them. When they first made their way onto the shelves I was not keen on them at all, I thought they looked a little bit ugly and just made feet looks quite big. But once again peer pressure and the site of pretty much every blogger raving over them I kind of started to like them and just might have caved in and bought a pair (well my lovely mum bought them for me).

Now when you look at the pair I own, have a little think of where I could have got them from?! I did ask a few people and they all thought I got them from New Look, well here is a confession which will shock you all, they are actually from Aldi. I was actually unsure whether I should mention where they were from, as even though Aldi have stepped up their game on the food side you probably might laugh if someone said 'oh I bought myself a pair of shoes from there'. (Well I worry that would be the response anyway) They were only £6.99 which is such a bargain, and they do not look cheap, tacky or plastic, they are extremely comfortable and the bit which goes between my toes does not rub at all, but I've not gone for a hike in them so you never know. Why pay £30 when you can get them for under a tenner.

I don't think I can say they are the most beautiful shoe, and that goes for all sliders but I do think they look kind of cute.


  1. They can look super stylish on others, but for me it's a nay :(

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Yes I agree, I don't think they quite suit me really xxx

  2. I can't believe they are from Aldi? I tried my hardest to avoid this trend but I've now become obsessed with them!!
    Oh I've nominated you for a Liebster award which is just a bit of fun so I'd love you to check it out :)
    Alice xo

  3. Definitely a yay for me :D I invested in my first pair of Birkenstocks this summer and I've barely taken them off! I just love how comfy they are and don't really care if they're considered as 'ugly' shoes! I love wearing mine with a pair of jeans/shorts and a t-shirt for a casual look :D x

    Beauty with charm