Saturday Picks

After seeing a few advertisements on social media, me and my mum decided to venture over to Sheffield on Saturday to have a look at a Vintage market, unfortunately the weather decided it was going to turn for the worst and absolutely bounce it down. I was quite disappointed with the market, I feel a few sellers decided it wasn't worth being there and to be fair not really many people made the effort to go have a look around. I felt really sorry for them as it had potential to be amazing, with live performance from acoustic singers, to old fashioned cakes etc and being held in July!

It did mean that more of my trip was spent in shops, perfect excuse to keep yourself dry from the rain! I am trying to be on a spending ban at the minute, but these three items found their way into my basket in Primark, one however was a necessity.

The necklace is amazing, it is black rope with gold hoops/rings (whatever the word is) at the bottom of the necklace. I just love it, it stood out from all the jewellery on the stand as it is so simple but very effective and can be worn with pretty much any outfit.

I'm not sure if you are aware but I am a lover of sunglasses, all shapes sizes and colours, you name it I have a pair. However this summer my favourite has to be the rounded style, they are so quirky and different and I just love them. I already have a pale pink/nude pair from Dorothy Perkins, but as soon as I saw this pair I knew I had to have them as they are so oversized!!!

Then the umbrella, what a catastrophic trip I had, my amazing animal print brolly with a cute red handle completely broke on me, all the wires had snapped in half and it had to be thrown in the bin :( So I resulted in picking up a cheap and cheerful brolly from Primark, to be fair it is a decent pattern.

So the spending ban is in place as of now!!!

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