Packing can be fun

It's finally that time of year where everyone ventures on that well awaited and deserved holiday or just a lovely long weekend away, but one issue faces us all beforehand ... Packing! How frustrating is it, you have a wardrobe full of clothes and it has to be narrowed down just a few items, especially if your facing a weight limit on your suitcase. What is a girl going to do?!

I am a little strange and actually enjoy packing, I see it as the final job to do where you can finally get excited of your known destination. However, it can still be very stressful, I've had to pack every other weekend for the past three years, either to go home from uni or visit the boyfriend who lives a couple of hours away from me. So, I've picked up a few tips and tricks which I thought I should share with you.

It sounds a little boring but make a list of your favourite items and the bare essentials. From there, it will make your packing a million times easier plus it's harder to forget something, well apart from socks (which I always forget).

Plan Outfits 

Go through your clothes, and work out what items will work well together and create an outfit for each day. If you are aware for a week or more have items that can mix and match together so your not taking 7 tops, 7 bottoms etc and your case will feel a lot lighter. I love to try on the outfits to see what they look like and if I'm not loving it I switch it up, that way your not packing something that you wouldn't wear. Also have a mix of smart and casual, on holiday I found myself dressing up a little more when I went out for my evening meal.

Shoe's are the biggest issue when it comes to packing, they are heavy and take up so much room, so pick a couple of sandals/flip flops which will go with all your outfits and then just have one pair of flat/ballet shoes, I would suggest traveling in these, therefore they don't add to the weight of your case.


If your not going backpacking on your own etc, then work out with friends/families or partners what toiletries you need, not everyone needs to take a shampoo's, shower gels etc. and just take one of each between you (unless your in a massive group) as you could end up with like three of the same items. Then each take some of the items, making your case much lighter and space for other things. Don't splash the cash on expensive products, when I went on holiday we decided to leave the products behind making more room for things we picked up whilst away.

Beauty Products 

If there is no major weight restriction then you can take a variety of choices of products with you. However, this is the time that you need to be very strict with yourself (this is the hardest thing to do) but you really need to narrow down what you take. When I went abroad last year I didn't really wear any make up, during the day your sun bathing and on an evening I didn't want to take up a lot of time applying loads of products to my face. I think I wore a bit of mascara, filled in my eye brows a little and put a bit of bronzer across my cheekbones.

You might find that foundation is too thick, so you choose a bb or cc cream instead, take one mascara, eyeliner, brow product and a blush and a bronzer. When it comes to lotions just take a face cream and then a bottle of moisturiser or just one cream which can be a multi purpose.


After years of struggling I have found a system which works well, place your sandals right at the bottom and then with the smallest items you have, roll each of them tightly and place them tightly against one another. This does stops your clothes from getting creases/lines and I've found you can fit more in your case by doing this. With the thicker fabrics you will then fold neatly and place on top of the items you have just added. This creates a flatter surface to then add your toiletries on top, please make sure they are zipped away in a bag or wrapped in a plastic bag in case they leak!!

I hope that this helps a little bit, and doesn't make packing feel as much of a chore.


  1. I quite like packing as well, I'm such a planner! Great tips! :)