Manchester Vlog

My second ever video is now on YouTube, no matter how many times I say this my stomach does flips, I feel my voice go shaky, my palms a little sweaty and I just want to jump up and down with excitement. Yeah you can tell I don't get out very much.

It was even worse filming in the street than in my bedroom, I'm not exactly sure why I was so nervous last week, nobody could see or hear me when filming, yet I made myself walk down the streets of Manchester talking into a camera like a loser (well in their eyes anyway). I am very proud of the outcome, it may only be short but it took a lot of guts and courage to film and every step I take is a learning curve.

Alongside filming my trip I had to take a few cheeky little pictures of my food (obvious instagram shots), though I have to say I have managed to make my burger look a little bit plastic.

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