July Wishlist

My wishlist this month is pretty much make up brush heavy, there are quite a few brushes that I don't really own and would like to add to my collection, as the saying goes: a girl can never have enough! At the moment I'm finding my foundation isn't applying as well as I want it to, so I thought I would try out a flat ended foundation brush, why I don't already own one is beyond me.

The other two brushes I desperately want to try out is a contouring brush and a concealer brush, I would like to try and get a bit more definition just under the cheek bones and my blusher brush is a little bit too big for this.

Then, I have added a hard angled brush and eye shadow brush, both of these I already own. However, the angled one is extremely mini which came with my Benefit Brow zing product, so I am wanting something that is a lot bigger, then the eye shadow is just to add another one (greedy!!)

So we are currently in the festival season and floral crowns are full in force on the high street, I'm heading to V Fest this year and have decided that I want to see if I can pull one off. The mixed pinks/reds are my favourite as they are so vibrant but very delicate looking, they just look amazing on.

Statement necklaces, well, they have been around for some type and typical me now decides to jump on the bandwagon. In all honesty, I haven't actually felt brave enough to wear one, when would I wear it? What would I wear one with? etc. I am very picky as well and have not yet found one that I have instantly liked, so my challenge in July is to hunt the perfect one down!!

Now, after I created this wishlist it suddenly dawned on me that these black Chelsea ankle boots were also in my June Wishlist. I absolutely love these boots, I think they are so cute and can be worn with literally anything. I did find some in Primark the other week, however, they were suede and I wasn't too keen as I would be wearing them all year around, so if it rains they would get ruined.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my wishlist, I'd love to hear from you if you own any of these products.


  1. I love the floral crown!


  2. If you're looking for a good foundation brush: The Louise young (LY34) superfoundation brush has turned my world upside down! It is absolutely amazing! I have reviewed it on the blog, might come in handy for your search!: Tools that perfect my base

    Silke Laura x