Fashion Haul: Charity Shop

I cannot explain how amazed, shocked and happy I am about discovering shopping in Charity Shops. Yes I am aware that they have always been around, when I was younger this was where I bought my dolls clothes from as they were so much cheaper than actual toy shops and sometimes a lot more stylish. This past month my mum and her friend decided that they would teach me the three simple steps to help you find something in a charity shop:

1. Head to the rail which has your size
2. Look out for a pattern that interests you or a colour you like 
3. Take it off the rail, if you are interested try it on, not keen then put it back

Forget all the voices in your head that the clothes have previously been owned, I have picked up some amazing items that look brand new, once they are home just wash them in your favourite softner and you will never know.

I'm loving making videos for my lovely followers and subscribers, its super fun and I thought why not film a haul for you guys. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for further videos and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Thank you!!!

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