Elf Brushes

Last week I posted that I had a very exciting delivery from Elf Cosmetics (ohhh it sounds so Christmassy) containing five brushes and a few beauty products. From testing them out a few times my mind has definitely been made up on what I think of them, some products I am a little bit disappointed in unfortunately, but I will stick with them to see if my mind can be changed.

Today's post is a review of the brushes I picked up as I have actually used them quite a bit.

Stippling Brush

I absolutely love the design of this brush, and this goes to all stippling brushes, just the contrast of the small black bristles with the long, delicate white bristles. It is super soft is preferable in a brush as you don't want to scratch your skin and feel irritated all day, nothing worse than scratching your face full of make up for it to ruin. I'm not very keen on using this brush to apply foundation straight to the face, it's not solid enough however if your using a BB cream then by all means it could be good for that. I tend to use the brush to blend my foundation in after it has been applied to remove any patchy areas.

Foundation Brush 

When I took it out of the packaging I was a little disappointed at how small it was, I was expecting quite a thick bristled, more shapely brush but, it is fairly flat and thin. Even though I don't feel it is good for foundation I have used it to blend in my concealer, this way I am not clogging up the same brush with foundation and concealer.

Defining Eye Brush 

This has turned out to be the best brush I own for working in the crease of the eye, I normally use the Real Techniques eye shadow one, but that tends to be a little too big. The slanted angle makes it so much easier to use to get the definition of a darker shade in the crease without smudging onto the eyelid. It is extremely dense so you can really apply the pressure to parts where needed without the bristles collapsing underneath. The only downside I find to this brush is that it feels a little bit harsh on the edge of the bristles which isn't the nicest feeling but it isn't drastic and you do get used to it.

Small Angled Brush 


How cute is it?! Okay, so I might sound a little crazy but I just love it and yes that is just down to the size. The bristles are silky soft but very compact which is exactly what I have been hunting down for the perfect brow brush. It has given my brows more definition and works wonders alongside my current brow product, but I would love to test it further with powders and gel's to see how it works. I wish that I had purchased another one of these as it is the exact size brush needed to apply eye shadows under the lower lash line!!

Bronzing Brush

Finally, we have reached my favourite brush of them all!!! The bronzing brush is amazing when contouring, how I have lived without it is beyond me, I have used it every single day. It really is the perfect size and shape to use under my cheekbones, and on occasions I have used it to apply highlighter as well. However, it may be my favourite but it has come up stumps a little with it being another brush being on the harsh side!

All in all I do like the brushes, they do their job and I will never not use them. But, I do feel that the quality of the brush does reflect on the price of them, they are such a bargain of around £2-£3 which you cannot complain at just don't expect the quality of a high end product. If you are on a budget or just starting out to build up your collection, I would still recommend elf brushes.

Have you used any of these products before? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


  1. not tried these before but the foundation brush looks really good. Need to try this, great post

    Gaby x


    1. Thank you. I'm not overly keen on that one I feel there are far better ones out there :) xxx

  2. I'm looking for new brushes and never tried elf before, I'll have a look at them :)

    Www.laurieelle.com xx

    1. They are good little additions if you don't want to pay too much xxx