DIY : Refurbishing Something Old to Somehting New

Before I start with this post, I just wanted to say that the paint is coming out more of a green colour on some images, I'm not sure why because the colour was perfect before uploading it to blogger.

When I was in 'Marmalade on the Highstreet' I noticed that they sold the Annie Sloane Chalk Paint. This stuff is incredible, you can use it on pretty much any surface at all, whether it be wood, glass, metal or plastic old and new.

The idea of this paint is that it gives the old/vintage feel about the item you have painted, plus when applying it you don't need to do it perfect or worry that there are a few uneven marks or lines when dry as it is meant to look a little uneven and worn. (Don't worry it does look good)

There is some wax which is to be used after you have painted your item of choice, it is sold seperately but, I would recommend using this as it sets the paint to the object and it won't scratch or rub off if knocked.

As for a choice of colours, then you needn't worry as there is a wide range, all of which are beautiful vintage tones, from dusky pink, yellows and creams. It really does help to see the colours already painted on some furniture as you can get the perfect feel to how it is going to look rather than on a piece of paper in the colour chart. This is what helped me pick the duck egg blue, it really is what I imagine as the perfect vintage and unusual colour.

I only bought the match pot which was £5.99 this does range in price dependent to where you buy it from. This enabled me to do one coat on my white bookcase and the wood around my tall mirror. There is a tiny bit left but it has gone such a long way. However if you are wanting to paint much bigger furniture/items then you will have to go for the big tins which are around £18 (it may vary from place to place). Yes, it does seem rather expensive for one tin of paint but it really is worth it 100 percent, you have an unusual item that no one else has.

It is the perfect way to spruce your room up, if you cannot afford to buy new furniture then paint it another colour and it looks a complete different item!!! I absolutely love this stuff.

Have you used Annie Sloane chalk paint before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. These are so cute! I love DIY posts, the colour you picked is great too!
    Holly / xx

  2. Loving this. Final product looks so cute!