Bloggers/Vloggers I'm Loving

If you are anything like me, there are quite a few days where I lack inspiration and have no clue of what to write next. I love finding a new blogger/vlogger, it is on of my favourite things to do on a night, just sat their going through loads of bloggers links. Here are a list of those that have caught my eye this month.

Angelica Blick 
WOW!! What can I say?! Her blog is incredible, it all photo based on her daily activities, which is not just a shopping spree or a coffee with friends, it is trips to festivals, theme parks and style hunts. It makes me think that I need to be more adventurous and just to go out and have some fun.

Charlotte Martin
Her outfits are to die for, she has incredible fashion sense and makes me very envy. Why can't I have a wardrobe like this? The feature about her blog which stands out to me is the simpleness, just one photo per outfit as a style diary. It is so clean, fresh and smart, reminds me a little of a high end fashion magazine.

Fashion Influx 
Lydia is the founder of Fashion Influx, she is from Yorkshire too which makes it better. I love reading her blog on a daily basis, once again she has a perfect style, so effortless but chic.

I have recently discovered Poppy Rawson who has the YouTube channel MeMyMouse1 and has just set up her blog too. Poppy focuses on beauty, with a Celebrity Look on a Monday which I always love to watch. It really is amazing how simple it is to create the looks once you have gone through it step by step. I would definitely recommend checking out her channel.

Hannah Maggs
What a cute channel this is, Hannah is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger and blogger I love it when Sunday comes around and her weekly vlog has been uploaded. It is very clear that she and husband Stefan (the Michalaks) have put a lot of time and effort into the vlog, the footage is super creative and so interesting, it keeps me gripped. Plus they have the cutest little boy called Grayson, he's adorable.

Danni Saw This
Danielle is the founder of 'Danni Saw This', it is a blog filled will life's little quirks, if you are in need of some inspiration or cheering up then this is the blog to check out. It has numerous illustrations, unusual images etc, she also fills the blog with her own images which are incredible, so simple but very effective! Plus she has her own designs which you can download for your wallpaper on your iPhone.

It would be lovely for you to check out these blogs, and let me know what you think of them.

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