A Hair Make Over

(Excuse the terrible image of myself, I decided to let my face get a breather from make up and I look a little gormless)

I finally decided what I wanted to do with my hair after months of deliberation and changing my mind I quickly booked an appointment for my hair before I chickened out of it. I decided that I wanted to have my dip dye put back in. Around October last year, dip dye/ombres had become a very big trend, an awful lot of people were rocking it and I was a huge fan, it's very different and quirky. Luckily for me, L'Oreal Paris had just brought out their 'Wild Ombres' collection (well I say just brought out, it could have been on the shelves a while before then but I only just discovered them).

As I have quite dark hair, trying to turn it lighter is not an easy job and you have to do a lot of work to it to get the perfect shade. When I did it myself with the L'Oreal bottle it made it a gingery brown/blonde dip dye which I actually quite liked but it wasn't different enough for me and I got quite bored of it.

This time around I decided that I wanted to go very blonde on the ends and the only way I could achieve this was by going to the hairdressers and paying quite a bit of money. My mum's friend is a hairdresser and she kindly offered to do it for me last Friday, I gave her an image of what I liked and left her to it. She applied the bleach to the ends of hair, staggering it by each layer so that it looks quite messy and a bit more natural looking (well you get my gist). The bleach on for around 45 minutes ish, and then washed it out, she then chopped off the ridiculous amount of split ends, added a few more layers to give my hair a bit more volume.

I absolutely love the way it has turned out, it is a beautiful mix of shades, from lightish blondes, caramels and light browns with yellow undertones. I was amazed at how quick my hair actually lightened and got so blonde.

I'd love to hear what you think of this look? Would you ever dip dye your hair?


  1. Your hair looks lovely! Just stumbled upon your blog :)
    New follower! :)
    Jess xo