A Body Conscious World

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Every Summer I am one of those girls that flicks through magazines and goes on online websites looking at images of super skinny celebrities and models on the beach or modeling the latest swimwear range. I have to say that for me and I know other girls will admit that it is very demoralising, I am never going to get that flat toned stomach, toned arms and legs, no matter how healthy I eat and how many times a week I go to the gym.

Ever since I was younger I have always been very body conscious, whether it is my weight, my looks or how I dress and even speak which is ridiculous, no young girl or even woman should have to worry about that and have all that riding on their shoulders, it is the time to go out have fun, be happy whilst young. We live in a body conscious world with critics all around us, whether it is nasty journalists on TV, the paparazzi picking up a little belly fold or cellulite on a celeb or a school bully, it will never leave you.

But, forget that, forget everything, we should be proud of the way we look, the world would not be a normal place if everyone looked the same. It is like our personalities, we don't want to be locked inside a room with everyone who act exactly the same it just wouldn't work.

Back in November, as you might have been aware from previous posts I decided it was about time to make a change in my life, I was struggling in my final year of university, uncomfortable in my own skin, unhappy a lot of the time, very shy and just completely drained. I started working at the University bar and serving drunk students makes you have to have a little bit of whit about you, no good just cowering away in the corner, by self esteem stepped up drastically and I found myself have a laugh with people I wouldn't normally feel comfortable around.

The next step was the gym, my Uni had the cutest little gym which was situated in my halls or residence so I literally had no excuse as I walked passed it every single day. It was quite daunting for me, especially when it was filled with all the guys huddled around the free weights section. I booked myself a personal training session to get myself used to the equipment, what worked best for me and the perfect program for myself.

I have to say I have never looked back since, some days I wake up thinking I cannot be bothered to go to the gym, but once I am there I do fully enjoy myself, I kind of go into my own little world and ignore everyone around me. Slowly but surely progress has been made, nine months has passed and even though I have only dropped down around 4lb to 5lb there is a noticeable difference in my body.
My shape has changed so much, if I look at myself in the mirror I don't particularly notice it, but when I find myself being able to wear little shorts again, clothes which didn't fit me before now do and clothes that are quite baggy on me now, you know something has worked.

I'm no expert on fitness but I feel that I can reassure people and make them aware of how a little bit of fitness can change your life. You don't need to go to the gym, do stuff at home it will work just the same.

I hope that this post has helped someone out there, even if it is just one person. I also hope I didn't bore anyone with how long it is either, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. This is such an inspiring post. All of us girls get so caught up worrying about body image we forget about the important things in life and how to have fun
    Alice xo

    1. Thank you, I'm such a sucker for worrying over silly things xxx