Wedding Attire

Last weekend I went to a family wedding down south, it was such a perfect day filled with of lot of tears, laughter, nerves and dancing. When it comes to such an important event it is very difficult to find the perfect outfit, it can take months and months decided which one you prefer, especially if there is a specific colour scheme or trying to get something very different to the bridesmaid dresses. 

Luckily for me the ideal dress was situated in my wardrobe, it is a little cerise pink skater dress from Zara that I originally bought for my college prom three years ago and have only worn it once since. It is a comfy jersey fabric that stretches, so many drinks and meals can be consumed without feeling uncomfortably tight. I teamed it with my gorgeous nude heels with the most amazing gold glittery heel, even though they are extremely high they are very comfortable due to the platform on the front. My headband was the exact colour of my dress, this was a very last minute addition to my outfit, and then I had a cream clutch bag which would tie in with my heels.

For me, dressing for such a huge occasion I prefer to go very simple, something I like to feel extremely comfortable in and maybe something I will wear again in the future.

Liverpool Trip

My boyfriends sister graduated on Thursday and her University put on an Afternoon Tea for family and friends who could not get a ticket . We were also able to watch the ceremony live on a big screen which is more of a bonus.

Here is the outfit that I chose to wear, we are currently having quite a heatwave in England which is lovely but I just I had a swimming pool in the garden to chill by. Anyways I wanted something very summery, lightweight to wear but it also to be smart as it is a graduation after all.

TLC for Ombré Hair

My hair has gone through a massive change this month after deciding to have Ombré on my hair, though I'm not exactly complaining as it is totally worth it, right?!

Dying your hair any colour damages it slightly as hair is extremely delicate and you are using quite strong chemicals. Bleach is the worst one to use and the most popular as well to create a lot of looks, it is extremely strong and very potent, if you use it in the smallest amount then it isn't too bad but if it is frequently or you have naturally dark hair and need to apply it a few times in a small amount of time then this is where it creates a bit of damage.

In the past I have dyed my hair a darker brown probably around once a year and this was done myself from a bottle from the supermarket, so my hair was in an alright condition to use bleach. It was left on my hair for around 45 minutes and then washed out using warm water, shampoo and conditioner, the only other product used was a heat defence spray. Where the bleach had been on my hair it felt quite dry and some parts a little straw like, so I came to the conclusion that my hair needed a lot more tlc more often.

I only use conditioner every other wash, I know slap my hands, but for me it adds to the flatness of my natural hair. Now I change my hair I have started to use conditioner every single time I wash my hair, at the moment this is not quite enough so I have reached out for my VO5 give me moisture treatment mask it is far richer than my normal conditioner, so it replaces all the nutrients into the hair. After a few weeks and I am more happier with the health of my hair I will cut down the amount of times I will use the mask as over conditioning can be bad for you too.

The other big problem now is that my hair is extremely knotted when wet, it always was in the past but now its got ridiculous. I've not got my hands on a tangle teezer yet so I am currently testing out my wide toothed comb as it eases the knots out better than a brush with loads of little bristles (not sure how it works but for some reason it does).

These extra steps in my hair care routine is nothing major so I am fairly happy at adding them in, plus it keeps my hair nice and healthy which is the importance here. I'd love to know if you have ombré and have noticed the same problems I have too, or if you have just bleached your hair.

Sliders : Yay or Nay?

Something I would never really imagined 'sliders' or should I say slip-on sandals become so popular and the 'in thing'.

I believe these are going to be like marmite and very similar to uggs, you either loathe them or love them. When they first made their way onto the shelves I was not keen on them at all, I thought they looked a little bit ugly and just made feet looks quite big. But once again peer pressure and the site of pretty much every blogger raving over them I kind of started to like them and just might have caved in and bought a pair (well my lovely mum bought them for me).

Now when you look at the pair I own, have a little think of where I could have got them from?! I did ask a few people and they all thought I got them from New Look, well here is a confession which will shock you all, they are actually from Aldi. I was actually unsure whether I should mention where they were from, as even though Aldi have stepped up their game on the food side you probably might laugh if someone said 'oh I bought myself a pair of shoes from there'. (Well I worry that would be the response anyway) They were only £6.99 which is such a bargain, and they do not look cheap, tacky or plastic, they are extremely comfortable and the bit which goes between my toes does not rub at all, but I've not gone for a hike in them so you never know. Why pay £30 when you can get them for under a tenner.

I don't think I can say they are the most beautiful shoe, and that goes for all sliders but I do think they look kind of cute.

Fashion Haul: Charity Shop

I cannot explain how amazed, shocked and happy I am about discovering shopping in Charity Shops. Yes I am aware that they have always been around, when I was younger this was where I bought my dolls clothes from as they were so much cheaper than actual toy shops and sometimes a lot more stylish. This past month my mum and her friend decided that they would teach me the three simple steps to help you find something in a charity shop:

1. Head to the rail which has your size
2. Look out for a pattern that interests you or a colour you like 
3. Take it off the rail, if you are interested try it on, not keen then put it back

Forget all the voices in your head that the clothes have previously been owned, I have picked up some amazing items that look brand new, once they are home just wash them in your favourite softner and you will never know.

I'm loving making videos for my lovely followers and subscribers, its super fun and I thought why not film a haul for you guys. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for further videos and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Thank you!!!


I love braids, they are just super cute and just so simple but yet very effective. No matter how young you are or how old you are, you can always pull of a braid. There are so many different ways to style them and I'm still learning new ways now which is exciting, my sister only this week explained the dutch plait, still figuring this one out. As we are heading into the summer now plaits/braids are a must have, especially if you are heading to a festival. I thought that it would be quite fun to create a few different looks for you, it would be really nice to hear what you think of them and which one you prefer to do.

Fishtail Plait 

Milkmaid Braids 


Front Plaits 

Normal Plait

Elf Cosmetics

I have finally put my thoughts together on the beauty products I picked up and previously mentioned in my Elf Cosmetics haul, it is about time after all. I am finding it a little bit difficult to use the correct term and expression of how I actually feel about the items, I don't want to be too negative on the brand as I know that I will find myself purchasing more products from their website in the future. But I guess you have to be 100% honest.

The baked collection stood out the most to me, I'm currently loving the dewy look at the moment as it is quite warm outside and I don't want to be rocking a heavy and matte base. I feel like I'm contradicting myself from previous posts as I do normally prefer a matte look (ahhh well it's always good to have a mix up). The blusher (peachy cheeky) s fairly shimmery but it doesn't have the glitter molecules to it, my worst nightmare. I love the dark bronze patches scattered through the coral, peachy colour which has got a dark pink undertone to it, it does look quite pigmented however, when applying it the colour is not strong at all. In fact I don't feel you get much of colour at all which is a huge shame as it really is beautiful. I have found it works more as a highlighter, brightening up my bronzer.

Unfortunately for me the eyeshadow (pixie) was the most disappointing, the product in its packaging looks incredible, it is a rich bronze with purple undertones and gives you the impression that it is highly pigmented and very shimmery. When it comes to applying the product with my real techniques eye shadow brush, you would not have thought that any product was actually on the end of the brush, there was the slightest wash of colour and it just didn't blend across the eyelid.  With it being such a gorgeous colour I was so eager to find a way for it to work, in the end I resulted in using my finger to apply the product and it worked quite well. You need to apply it a few times before you find the best results but the colour is not as rich.

Finally, the lipstick (Fearless), to be able to use the product was the worst part, it is extremely stiff when trying to twist the product to move up out of its packaging. However once applying it I was quite shocked, its such a light consistency and reminds me of the feeling when I have applied Vaseline, quite an oily base. But I do like this as I am not a fan of a lipstick which is quite thick and heavy.

Have you used any of these products before, I'd love to know what you think of them?

Saturday Picks

After seeing a few advertisements on social media, me and my mum decided to venture over to Sheffield on Saturday to have a look at a Vintage market, unfortunately the weather decided it was going to turn for the worst and absolutely bounce it down. I was quite disappointed with the market, I feel a few sellers decided it wasn't worth being there and to be fair not really many people made the effort to go have a look around. I felt really sorry for them as it had potential to be amazing, with live performance from acoustic singers, to old fashioned cakes etc and being held in July!

It did mean that more of my trip was spent in shops, perfect excuse to keep yourself dry from the rain! I am trying to be on a spending ban at the minute, but these three items found their way into my basket in Primark, one however was a necessity.

The necklace is amazing, it is black rope with gold hoops/rings (whatever the word is) at the bottom of the necklace. I just love it, it stood out from all the jewellery on the stand as it is so simple but very effective and can be worn with pretty much any outfit.

I'm not sure if you are aware but I am a lover of sunglasses, all shapes sizes and colours, you name it I have a pair. However this summer my favourite has to be the rounded style, they are so quirky and different and I just love them. I already have a pale pink/nude pair from Dorothy Perkins, but as soon as I saw this pair I knew I had to have them as they are so oversized!!!

Then the umbrella, what a catastrophic trip I had, my amazing animal print brolly with a cute red handle completely broke on me, all the wires had snapped in half and it had to be thrown in the bin :( So I resulted in picking up a cheap and cheerful brolly from Primark, to be fair it is a decent pattern.

So the spending ban is in place as of now!!!

Which Ponytail are you?

Ponytails are very big this season, but then again when are they never not?! You see a lot of celebrities rocking a sleek ponytail on the red carpet, its a timeless look, very glamorous and sophisticated. You might not realise it, which on a daily basis I don't have the brains to think, but a pontyail has no ends of different ways to style, everyone has their own preference. So which is your favourite?
Medium Ponytail 

I never have my hair tied up like this but I have to say I am quite liking this look, there really is nothing to it, I sectioned my fringe away from the rest of my hair and then brushed it all backwards.
Taking a bit of the top part of my hair I just brushed backwards, I backcombed the roots to add some volume and lift, then gathered the rest of my hair and tied a bobble in it.

With a small ended brush I placed it under my hair at the top and lifted it a bit and with the loose ends I added a couple of bobby pins. For something a little different I took a tiny section of hair and wrapped it around the bobble and then pinned it underneath the ponytail.

Low Ponytail

Personally I am not a huge fan of this look on myself as I feel my head is a little bit too big to pull off such a low ponytail. However, I really do love this look whenever I spot a celebrity or someone in the street wear it, they always manage to make it look so polished and perfect.

With my big head I don't like hair scraped flat off my face, so like the medium ponytail I added a little bit of backcombing to the roots for that extra lift, you don't want to do it too drastically as it will look a little silly. Take the hair as low as possible and tie it in a bobble, with a comb gently brush your hair backwards towards the bobble and then pin back any loose layers. You don't have to keep your fringe out if not, it can also be pushed back into the ponytail if you want a really sleek look.

High Ponytail (Pineapple) 

Okay, so it is not quite a pineapple but I like to think that its high enough on the top of your head to be classed as one! It is the easiest pony to do and one I find myself wearing on a very regular occasion, if I am too warm or having a lazy day I shake my head upside down, scrape it all back and tie it up. I quite like how it is a messy feel to it, which is something I like to see in a hair style (I must be going mad) pus it adds a bit of volume to the tail too.

I'd love to hear which style you prefer and find yourself wearing the most, I am on a mission to try out the medium ponytail more often as I quite like the outcome. For something a little different add a French plait to the front of your hair where your fringe is.