Whats In My Bag?!

Here is a slightly different post from me, however, one that you will be used to if you follow a lot of bloggers. It is fairly tricky to do a 'Whats in my bag' blog post, if your more like me who wants to blab on in detail about every item in there then I'm sure that you can understand. But hey, lets give this a whirl and see how we get on.

I have recently changed my bag to this River Island one my boyfriend so very nicely bought me at £28, originally £40 as there were a few black marks on it so we were given 30% off which was pretty good. So luckily, you wont get bored of just random rubbish you find building up at the bottom of your bags which really should have been placed in a bin, non the less there is still an awful amount still in there.

Here goes... I have an old train ticket which is from when I met my sister last weekend in Leeds, my railcard with a few hundred tickets stashed in the pouch from the past three years. My inhaler just in case my asthma decides it wants to creep up on me.

A packet of tissues, a two way lead so I can plug my ipod/iphone into a car or my digital radio, an umbrella as you can never rely on the British weather even if we are heading into Summer. Some tangled up headphones for whenever I'm on my travels, paracetamol, a biro and bus receipt.

Starbucks receipt from when I had a long awaited catch up with my friend, glasses and glasses case, my purse. Now this is very small yes I do lose it all the time but I was sick of carrying around a purse which was like a brick, it gave me neck ache and all sorts.

My house key with all of 6 keyrings attached (yes I am a tad obsessed) and I still manage to lose them too at the bottom of my bag, travel size Soap & Glory hand cream, a memory stick and comb. I always carry a comb around with me especially on a night out, as my hair tends to go flat very easy to I can give it a little back comb every once in a while. Then we have a pair of socks, lip balm and finally my gym membership card.

It really is amazing to see how much stuff you carry around on a day to day basis. I'd love to hear if your the same as me and have this amount of things in there. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments box what you thought.


  1. I love your bag, it's beautiful. Lovely and bright for summer, too!
    In Katie's Corner

    1. Thank you, I have just seen it come in black too, maybe a winter bag is needed xx

  2. Love this! I'm planning a similar as well. My bag is quite the mess though!
    Today's Beauty Obsession