The Outfit Post : Floral Print

How lovely is it when the sun is out?! Makes me feel really girly and want to wear skirts and dresses. I'm not one for very bright clothes as you might be aware from previous posts, however, for some reason this year I am loving a lot of the prints this season. This skirt is probably my favourite, it was featured in one of Tanya Burr's videos a while back and had to pick it up from River Island straight away. I love that you can pick any colour out of the flowers and match it with a little vest top, yes I know black is boring but it is all I have at the minute. What is nice about the skirt is that the floral print is quite big and spacious which makes it look really delicate and pretty.

My orange sandals work perfectly with the skirt as it is brings out the oranges and corals of the flowers on the skirt. The sandals are a little bit big for me, but I can walk in them fine and they look pretty, any smaller and I think the width of the straps would be too tight and rub on me.

I hope that you like this outfit, would love to hear what you think about it xx

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  1. Love the outfit! such a pretty skirt! :)
    The black looks fine in the outfit! x