My Weekend Antics (Outfit Post)

This weekend has been filled with a lot of family time which was really lovely and needed after an extremely busy week. On Saturday I met up with my sister in Leeds for a day of shopping and cocktails, something every girl needs to do every once in a while, maybe a little more than that.

We headed to The Alchemist which is an amazing cocktail bar, it is tucked into the corner of Trinity and could be missed, but it has to be visited no matter what time of day it is. I love this decor, it is really quirky with lights dangling down from the ceiling to just above the bar dimly lighting the room, a mahoosive clock as a feature point right in the centre on the wall behind the bar with leather sofas across one side of the room by the floor to ceiling windows. It is such a cosy place, with the theme being based on science, with an erienmeyer flask which holds certain drinks and some cocktails smoking out the top. I had a passion fruit mojiti, something I wouldn't normally pick out as I am not too keen on mint flavoured drinks, it was the sound of a refreshing passion fruit in the hot weather which sold it to me.

The Alice in Wonderland themed ornaments were from a shop called JOY which is new to Leeds I think, I've never ventured inside one of these stores before but it was completely different from what I expected, and it was full of pretty items of clothing and quirky gifts, when I get a house I'm heading straight there to pick up a few decorative bits.

I wore my favourite item of the season as it was to reach 21 degrees which is always fun! (Please can the hot weather stay?!) They are a Hawaiian/palm tree print skort from Topshop, I bought them quite a few months ago and I find them super comfortable and perfect to wear on a night out and during the day (I've done both).

That evening I headed back and had an extremely yummy BBQ with my mum and dad which was perfectly cooked on a little pink bucket my mum picked up this week. Somehow it tasted so much better being cooked from a girly item.

Hope you all had a fun weekend :)

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