My Night Skincare Routine

Not that long ago I decided that it was time to make a big effort with my skincare routine. When it comes to revealing what I normally do and have done for years, it is probably going to cause a bit of a stir amongst bloggers and the skincare industry! (I'm sorry)

All I did was wash my face with a sponge and hot water, no soap or lotions, what is wrong with Au Natural I ask? And, yes I did go to sleep still wearing my make-up.

I do read an awful lot about this topic and when I have spoken to people I know about it can be extremely opinionated, pretty much everyone believes that it is very bad for your skin, it will break out and become dry. If I am brutally honest with you my skin did not suffer much at all, yes I did have the odd spot or two, it can be dry but I am prone to oily skin. In all honesty I don't feel my skin suffered badly at all with just using water, I never applied perfumed products or clogged up my pores with a lot of products.

However, I did want to involve some kind of skincare routine into my life slowly. Some days I am still all for just using water and others I want to be that beauty obsessed girl testing out different products and use what has been hyped about.

My night routine is when I use most of the skincare products rather than my morning one, whether it is because I have more time,  and I also find that my make up doesn't apply that well once I have used loads of products and creams, it seems to just fall straight off. As I wear a lot of make up I want to make sure that I have fully removed it (also make sure I don't get it all over my bedding too).

I start off using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Lotion with a cotton pad, this is pretty close to water so I'm happy with that. I actually prefer it than just using water, it takes off your make up so easily, especially mascara which is a massive problem area for me, no matter how many times I used to rub it off I always had panda eyes the next morning.

Then my routines switches up every other night, just so that my skin doesn't get overly used to a particular product and it stops working as well. I will then use the Garnier Refreshing Toner to remove the rest of the make up and try and firm my skin. It is very light non greasy or oily and dries instantly leaving the face smooth and not sticky.

The other nights I will use my nspa products. After the Micellar water I then use the nspa Melting Cleansing Gel, it is very different than what I am used to, the way it works is really strange but I actually really like it and softens my skin. After this I then go for my nspa Hot Cloth Polish, this is another product I have always wanted to try but never got round to buying one. It scrubs aways the remainder of the dead skin cells and then buffs the skin to leave it really smooth. I then apply my nightly moisturiser which can change quite often.

If I feel like a more pamper night then I will use a face mask, I tend to go for the clay ones as they are a bit more of a harder working mask, it goes deep into the pores and de clogs them (is that even a word?) I either use this if I know I have a night out that week or if I have had an extremely busy week and want to refresh the skin.

I am going to do a review at some point this month on the nspa products, as I have only just added them to my routine so I want to get used to them to be able to see how well the product works before writing something.

I would love to hear from any of you if you have used any of these products.

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