June Wishlist

Where is this year going? May has literally gone with a blink of an eye, it is sheer madness but it does mean that another wishlist is in order. It was quite difficult to think of things that I was liking at the minute, if I'm honest there isn't anything that I am wanting or needing which is quite a shock and not like me at all.

I could put it down to the fact that I gave myself a spending ban, as you are well aware for any girl this is very difficult. However, being a student towards the end of my loan and needing to buy food meant that fashion, beauty and skincare products had to go on the back burner - a bloggers worst nightmare. This meant that the frequent trips to town had to stop, and window shopping began online, letting the bank account have a sigh of relief.

The one item that I really want to buy is a floral crown, the festival and wedding seasons are fast approaching and these are the perfect accessories to any outfit. They used to be very difficult to get your hands on, but they have got extremely popular so pretty much most high street stores stock them, and yes I now want to get on the band wagon. (I am not a sheep I promise)

There are quite a few beauty products on the list, but most of them are not essentials they are just a want. The Benefit ooh la lift eye brightening product is probably the one that I would rush out and buy, my eyes have really bad dark circles under them at the minute and no matter how much water I drink and sleep I get, they are not disappearing :(

I must own around 20 to 40 shoes and have recently sent quite a few pairs to charity (my good deed) but I'm still missing one specific pair and that is flat ankle boots. I love the Chelsea boot, they are classy, cute and can be teamed with a wide range of outfits from cute little dresses, skirts to skinny jeans. What I like about these is that they are flat, and for me I like a shoe which is extremely comfortable to walk around in for hours at a time, but also waterproof! Recently I have had a habit of leaving the house in flat ballet shoes in the middle of a storm which ends in very cold and wet feet and shoes to go in the bin!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, I'd love to hear what you think of any of these items :)

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