June Favourites

Once again I have struggled to come up with some favourites for you from this month. When it comes to my make up and beauty regime I have been mixing it up and trying out different products which has been good as I have fell in love with some products stashed away in my make up box from a while ago.

As it has been quite hot this past month I have been reaching out for a lighter foundation, I wanted my skin to be able to breathe and re hydrate so I discovered my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. This product I stopped using a while ago as I felt it wasn't the correct colour for me and it wasn't a heavy coverage, however, with using a bit of fake tan it looks perfect and blends it well.

You are well aware now that I have stepped up my skincare regime and I do feel better for it, my face is super soft and I feel my pores have got slightly better (still there unfortunately). I have been loving using the Garnier Micellar Water, nspa Melting Cleansing Gel and the nspa Hot Cloth Polish together, they seem to exfoliate and dehydrate my face extremely well.

When it comes to shoes, I own quite a few pairs however, this past month I have been obsessed with these orange sandals I picked up in the sale from River Island last year. They seem to go with pretty much all my summer pieces, which is quite a shock for me as I didn't think they would be worn that much. I think it's just the vibrancy of them and they look so pretty.

Now, onto something a little different. Since Christmas I decided that I would read the Hunger Games books (once again late on the bandwagon) as everyone keeps going on about how amazing they are and now the films are out I just want to watch them. The other week, when it was the hottest day of the year I chilled in the garden and decided I should read. Now, you may think I'm lazy but I managed to read the whole first book in a day!! I was hooked, there was so much drama constantly I could not put it down. The film did let me down, there was an awful lot of important information missing which was very disappointing, I hope the second one is much better.

Have you used any of these products, or read the hunger games? (no spoilers please), then I would love to hear what you think about them. Feel free to comment below :)


  1. I've heard the cleansing gel is so good! I keep meaning to pick it up to try out :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. I love the garnier micellar water. I read all 3 hunger games books in 2 and a half days. Didnt get much done.
    Beth x