Beauty : St Tropez Bronzing Gel

Before & After
It has taken me a while but I have finally created my second fake tan post, I didn't just want to use any product I wanted to look into which brand people love the most, one I was happy with using and something that was budget friendly. It came to the conclusion that St Tropez was the most popular fake tan brand amongst bloggers, friends and my lovely readers, however, it can be very pricey when you are a student or just living with a budget. 

Little did I know, TK Maxx sell it at literally half the price which is incredible and very purse friendly. Originally I was looking to get a mousse as I love how easy they are to apply to the skin, but the store I visited had minimal stock and the Bronzing Gel was the product which stood out to me. It is quite tricky to apply to the skin, I used a tanning mit but I feel that gloves would be the best option as it might be a little quicker and it won't stick to the skin. The best thing about this product is that you can see immediately where you have applied it, so you know where else needs the tan and if you have missed anywhere (unless your like me and always miss a patch of skin). I'm naturally pale and it was quite dark straight away, however you will see the best results if you apply it on a night and leave it to enhance overnight. 

If your not wanting an intense colour then I would suggest that you have a warm shower not using any products to wash off the first layer of product, but I loved it, I felt and looked like I had had a holiday somewhere in a hot climate. 

On the bottle it says it will last five to seven days, I applied mine the Wednesday Evening and by Monday it had completely come off, so that is around the five day mark. Bare in mind that I had visited the gym twice, had a couple of showers and a long bath so I feel that it lasted very well. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody as I was extremely happy with the outcome, it was waterproof to some degree (if your splashed yourself or was spitting with rain) it didn't blotch it just remained exactly the same. 

Have you used this product or any of St Tropez products before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. 


  1. never tried this before, you look gorgeous! Life is so much better with a tan!!

    Nicola xx

    1. Thank you lovely, I agree a tan really does make you feel so much better xx

  2. I have never tired any fake tan products as I am a little scared of looking like a orange, but this looks like it had really good results.

    Gaby x

    1. I don't really wear it much, I prefer to use a product which shows straight away rather than one you build up. If your a little worried see how it looks and have a little shower after to wash off the excess. xx