Beauty : Benefit Brow zing

It is no secret that me and my eyebrows do not get on, some days they are too big, others too small.

I have never been one of them people who made such a fuss over eyebrows (not that there is anything wrong with that at all), but I never saw them as important to me. They are on my face and that was about it really.

Over the past year I have come to the point that they need making a bit bolder when I apply my make up as they tend to lose a bit of colour once I have applied my powder. I have dabbled with quite a few brow products, from different brands to different shades and different styles of pencil. However, I finally got my hands on the Benefit Brow zing and I have never looked back.

 It comes in three shades; light medium and deep, I use the medium but on some occasions I feel it is a little bit too dark for me. There is a wax and seperate powder compartment with two mini brushes, one an angled and the other a flat headed one with a mini pair of tweezers too.

You can use this product in four ways depending on which you feel works best for yourself, or if you want to make more of an effort.

Take the mini angled brush or your own angled brush and dip it in the wax and place it onto your brows, shade them to however you feel comfortable doing, I like to go along the bottom of my brows first, then the top to get my shape and then shade the middle in. Once you are happy with it, use the flat ended brush and take a little bit of the powder and go over your brows once more, this sets the wax that you have just applied and it also removes the stickiness too.

This can also be done in just one step if your in a bit of a rush, take the angled brush and add some of the wax and also some of the powder and fill them in exactly the way you would have done before. Bare in mind that your powder compartment can become a little messy as the wax is a much darker colour.

Or if your really not that bothered about using both of the products at the same time, well just use on of them, they work just as well, that is the beauty of the product. I really do love it and it is super easy to apply and gives off a great result.

Have you tried this product before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

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  1. I have not tried this one but I do use gimme brow and it is my life saver! You look gorgeous.

    Gaby x