B&M Baragin Finds

Did you know that you could pick up Rimmel polishes in B&M?! No me neither! I'm not quite sure why I actually popped in as I normally only go in if I need something. I happened to walk past the toiletries/beauty/whatever else there was isle and was taken back by the amount of brands they stocked. There were a couple CK Lip products, however I'm not quite sure if they were actual CK products or a copy (which is bad in my eyes). They had the Maybelline Dream Satin Mousse, Revlon PhotoReady Compact and a range of BB creams which I wish I had picked up.

What caught my eye was the range of Rimmel nail polishes, I feel that they will have been the last of previous stock but I'm not complaining when they only cost £1. They ranged from a bright blue, to a purple, khaki green and I picked up the I <3 Lasting Finish in 703 Pear Drop, 60 Seconds in 520 Cupcake Pink and the French Manicure PRO which was slightly more expensive at £1.99 which I really bought for the Base and Top Coat polish.

They are really pretty summer colours, the Pear Drop is a beautiful bright greeny blue and the Cupcake Pink is a very delicate pale pink which is perfect if you are wanting a more natural look.

From now on I am heading into B&M more often as there really is some great bargains to be found.

Have you found anything in there before?


  1. I never think of b&m when looking for a few bargs - good shout! Will definitely have to start having a look in there. You got some good bits!
    Nomes xx

  2. Love the colours, that blue is so lovely and great for Summer! x

    Jessica | Jessica’s Journal ♥