Another Haul!!!

Before I go on please excuse the very pale legs, I'm not blessed with an amazing tan I am a true English Rose! (pffft next joke please.)

All these items were not purchased on the same day, it would have been a pretty good shopping spree if so. The grey shorts I noticed on a mannequin in the h&m window when on a shopping spree with my family and boyfriend in Manchester. They are not normally my style but they looked so comfortable, and I can actually certify that this is 100% correct, I wear them all the time when I lounge around.

These pair of jeans are another item which I wouldn't normally walk into a store and just pick up. I am very fussy when it comes to dressing the bottom half, there are so many beautiful styles out there but yet nothing really that I feel suits my body shape. For me to feel happy in a pair of jeans, they have to be high waisted, and completely skinny down the leg, but in most places to get them to fit my hips they are far too baggy down the leg (major girl problems).

Now to bags *sigh* how gorgeous are these?!?! I think you can actually fall in love with a bag, and I think I have. Firstly, the small satchel which you can see from my outfit post from Tuesday is from Primark and it is so tiny and cute, it was such a bargain at £6 and it also comes in a blue and pink. Then the other bag I have had my eye on for some time but have never seen it in a store for some reason, however, when I went to Leeds at the weekend with my boyfriend it was there all on its own in the middle of a table on display. There were two black marks on it unfortunately so I was lucky enough that River Island gave me some discount (I should put it out there that my boyfriend bought me the bag which was so cute, bless him).

I am now back on a spending ban!! Oops

I'd love to hear what you think of any of these products or if you have any of them :)

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