Sometimes on the Way to the Dream...

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This is a little bit of a chattier post for me, so I apologise if it is not your kind of thing, if not then that is perfectly fine and you are more than welcome to skip. I just thought that I owed it to my followers as I have not posted for a few days and to those who are feeling in a very similar way.

Recently I have felt a little bit out of sorts, and very uninspired to write a blog post. I do have quite a few ideas jotted down in my notebook, however, I did not feel like I had the ability to write an interesting and fun post that people would find fun to read. So instead of writing something rubbish I thought to take a few days off and come back with a clear head.

It is a very weird time for me and probably a lot of people out there, after months of wishing and waiting, I have finally finished my three years of University (well one exam left and touch wood have passed all my assignments). Know it has become the point that I am traveling to and from Uni and home which does actually take up quite a bit of time and is very dull.

If anyone out there is feeling the same then just sit back, relax and take time out from whatever you are struggling or have no motivation to do. Make time to take part in something you would not normally do, like go for a long walk somewhere, take a trip to somewhere you have never been but always wanted to go and find that inspiration. It will come back, I promise :)

I have a few new ideas for Adventures of Wonderland which I think is very exciting and hopefully interesting. I am going to start a couple of series' including Festival Look Books and Prom Look Books, from dresses, to make up looks to hair inspirations.

Apologies for not blogging in a while but I hope that you will enjoy what I have planned.

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