Michael Kors - Rose Gold Watch

After three long years of waiting I finally have a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch *smiley face*, I honestly don't think I have ever been this excited before. I was lucky enough to get some money for my birthday and I had saved up enough to buy the watch, plus I got student discount which was a bonus and meant there was money left over for another sneaky little purchase which meant even bigger smiles.

I think these watches are beautiful, they are so elegant looking. There was so many to choose from which made it very hard and left me and my mum walking from shop to shop as I had a particular one in mind and luckily House of Fraser had the one. I do feel they are quite pricey, but you are paying for the name and it is a good investment piece so the price tag can be justified.

p.s. It shimmers differently in different lights which is noticeable in these images. 

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