May Favourites

My May favourites only includes four items, but as they say, less is more and its not down to the quantity but it is the quality! (We can follow these sayings right?) I did have a few other products which I have enjoyed using and wanted to include in the list, you could say that it wasn't quite fair as they have been recently purchased and only used a couple of times, so they need to be used much longer before I can give a true opinion on them.

The main product out of the four which I can definitely say tops all of them is the Benefit Browzing! It really is incredible and such an easy product to use, especially for someone like me who is no expert what so ever with brows and have had huge difficulty in the past to make them look part of my face and natural. I think I might do a review on this brow product as there is so much I want to say about it.

Benefit Sun Beam comes in at a close second, it is a beautiful highlighter that gives a subtle summery bronze shimmer on the cheekbones. It is a product that you want to play around with to find the perfect way for you, I tend to dab it on my cheekbones just after applying my foundation and before I use a powder. I found that when I used it after the powder it seemed to remove the coverage and left me with a bit of a streak in the middle of my cheek.

I don't tend to add anything which isn't beauty and fashion related to my favourites, but I feel that I'm not showing a true perspective of myself. So here it is.. 'Pitch Perfect' DVD, how incredible is this film? I know that I am extremely late into the fan club but I hope you can all forgive me. I literally could watch this every single night, it is an easy watch and I love to have a little sing and dance along to it.

Finally, the last item to make my May favourites is my Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch, there isn't really much I can say abut it but how beautiful it is. I have waited around three years to afford one and it has not let me down, I love it!!

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