May Favourites

My May favourites only includes four items, but as they say, less is more and its not down to the quantity but it is the quality! (We can follow these sayings right?) I did have a few other products which I have enjoyed using and wanted to include in the list, you could say that it wasn't quite fair as they have been recently purchased and only used a couple of times, so they need to be used much longer before I can give a true opinion on them.

The main product out of the four which I can definitely say tops all of them is the Benefit Browzing! It really is incredible and such an easy product to use, especially for someone like me who is no expert what so ever with brows and have had huge difficulty in the past to make them look part of my face and natural. I think I might do a review on this brow product as there is so much I want to say about it.

Benefit Sun Beam comes in at a close second, it is a beautiful highlighter that gives a subtle summery bronze shimmer on the cheekbones. It is a product that you want to play around with to find the perfect way for you, I tend to dab it on my cheekbones just after applying my foundation and before I use a powder. I found that when I used it after the powder it seemed to remove the coverage and left me with a bit of a streak in the middle of my cheek.

I don't tend to add anything which isn't beauty and fashion related to my favourites, but I feel that I'm not showing a true perspective of myself. So here it is.. 'Pitch Perfect' DVD, how incredible is this film? I know that I am extremely late into the fan club but I hope you can all forgive me. I literally could watch this every single night, it is an easy watch and I love to have a little sing and dance along to it.

Finally, the last item to make my May favourites is my Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch, there isn't really much I can say abut it but how beautiful it is. I have waited around three years to afford one and it has not let me down, I love it!!

Sunkissed Tutorial

My first tutorial went down very well, it was my highest viewed post since starting Adventures of Wonderland which made me feel extremely happy, especially as this is quite out of my comfort zone. It was lovely to hear and read what people had to say about it, you were all very nice.

So here goes ... once again it is quite experimental and is the first time I have tried this sun kissed look and I have to say I love it! My skin is extremely pale and I don't really wear fake tan that much so it kind of gives off the more natural look as I was very aware of trying not to look orange (it's not a good look!)

How To Create:

1. I applied some Primer to create a base which helps the make up apply better and it also helps stay on for longer. 

2. I then took my Revlon skin lighs illuminator (it's fairly old so not sure if you can still buy this product) between the brows going up to the hair line on my forehead, down the ridge of my nose and across the cheekbones. 

3. If you have a few problem areas then apply your concealer to it before applying your foundation. 

4. Use the foundation of your chose either down the t-zone or your whole face. I used the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in shade 101 Classic Ivory.

5.  Take a neutral eye shadow and lightly apply it to the lid, I used Mac Sweet Satisfaction and then Limit from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette to the crease of my eye. Make sure you have blended this thoroughly. 

6. Take your mascara and use as much or as little as you would like. 

7. To give the actual sunkissed and dewy effect I used quite a lot of highlighter in this look, I took my Benefit Sun Beam highlighter to the cheekbones, to give it a bit more of a bronzed shimmer. I used my Real Techniques expert face brush in a dabbing motion to rub it in, and then used the tips of my fingers to make sure it was fully blended. Any highlighter will do just as good of a job if you don't own the sun beam :)

8. I then added a bit more concealer to the problem areas and dabbed it under my eye to get rid of any circles and loose pigments from the shadows. 

9. I used a bit of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in shade 006 warm beige over oily areas of my face and down my neck to make sure that there are no foundation lines and it all blends in with the rest of my skin tone.

10. For my cheeks I used the No.7 sunkissed mosaic bronzing powder (once again this is a fairly old product but you can pick something up very similar.) I used the 3 motion, applying it just under the cheekbone, to the corners of my forehead and under my jawline to give a bit of a contour effect. 

11. Take a highlighter again (a powdered one preferably) and apply it to your cheekbones, down the ridge of the nose and between your brows on your forehead again. 

12. Make sure that everything is fully blended by using your powder brush. 

13. Take any brow product your loving at the moment and fill them brows in as much or as little as you like. I used my beloved Benefit Browzin in brunette.

14. And finally, use a neutral lipstick, if you want to add that bit of gloss to this then apply a little bit of neutral lip gloss over the top giving your lips that beautiful shimmer effect. Voila, you have your sunkissed look :)

I hope that these steps were easy to follow, I'd love to hear what you think of the look, and I would also love to see your sun kissed looks. 

Festival Look Book 2

Here is the second part to this festival look book series, the first one went down quite well, and I enjoyed creating quite a boho theme, today I have gone for quite a girly look.

The main colour scheme to this outfit is monochrome, it is very chic, classy and sophisticated but made to look fairly casual with the jacket, this is quite a thin layer and waterproof so perfect in the British weather. If it gets too warm it can be tied around the waste.

I love how the pop of colour from the nail polish and floral crown give it the lift and adds to the festival feeling. I love these crowns, they are so pretty and quirky and can be work with a lot of hair styles and are just so effortless.

Cut out boots are very big this season and look cute wearing them with a dress, pop on a pair of ankle socks for warmth and to add extra colour.

The Outift Post : Checked Shift Dress

Finally, we have had some decent weather to take outfit photos. I love this place to take photos, the vibrance of the grass and bushes make the images look a lot more interesting to the eye.

I have to say my streak in finding bargains is continuing, I picked up this dress in Primark the other day for a fiver instead of £10, it was mixed amongst other shift dresses, but the check made it stand out for me, I don't like to wear anything too fancy on a day to day basis, so its perfect for me. I feel that this style of dress is the best for my shape it doesn't dig in and make me feel uncomfortable throughout the day and hides all my lumps and bumps. 

Vintage Afternoon Tea

Yesterday me, my mum and sisters were reunited together and took a trip to the Vintage Tea Rooms in Leeds for Afternoon Tea, there was a lot for us to celebrate with four birthdays, an engagement and finishing my three years at University.

I have never done anything like this before and always wanted to do it, so it was really fun. Perfect way to spend Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Smokey Eye Look

So, this post is something very out of my comfort zone, I absolutely love doing posts about beauty products as I do have an obsession with make-up and always want to share new finds and let my readers know what I feel about them (usually all positive!!). Apologies for the poses I was a little uncomfortable.

However when it comes to creating new looks I am not confident at all with showing it off, I like to keep it fairly simple and not photograph it. I feel that it will be an interesting route to go down with the odd blog post on a make-up look, by far am I an no expert but I feel that experimenting is very fun and I would like to share it with my followers. I get a lot of inspiration by fellow bloggers and YouTubers, my favourite at the moment is Poppy Rawson, she is amazing and so pretty. .

How To Create:

1. Firstly I used a primer before applying any products as its the perfect base and helps the make up stay on for pretty much most of the day. 

2. As I have a bit of troubled skin at the minute I applied concealer on certain areas before using a foundation to get my base ready. 

3. Using the Ubran Decay Naked 3 pallet and the a mixture of the brush inside and Real Technique shading brush I applied Nooner and Liar to the crease of my eyelid sweeping it in an outwards motion. Then I used a mix of Darkside and Blackheart and lightly applied it to the outer corners of my eye and a bit of the crease. 

4. Blend this thoroughly until all mixes together and you are happy with it. 

5. Then take a clean brush and take Trick shade and apply it on the eyelid as strong as you want it. Make sure it blends in well with the rest of the eyelid. 

6. Use a small brush and use dust in the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up. 

7. Make sure it is blended all together until you are happy with the outcome and apply mascara! 

8. Remove any loose powder under the eye with a cotton bud and apply a little bit of concealer and dab it in with your fingers. 

9. If you are prone to oily skin then use a little bit of powder and sweep it across the problem areas. 

10. Use your favourite eye brow product to define them, I used Benefit Browzing in Brunette, you want them a more natural colour as your eyes are quite dramatic. 

11. Take a highlighting powder and sweep it between your eyebrows in an upward motion on your forehead, down the ridge of your nose, and your cheekbones. 

12. Then take a bronzer and apply it just under your cheekbones, by your hairline in the corners of your forehead and just under your jawline to create that contour look. 

13. You can add a little bit of blush if you would like, gently apply to the apples of your cheeks and a bit along the cheekbones.

14. Make sure it is fully blended and you have not got any sharp lines on your face. 

15. Apply either a natural lipstick or some lip balm and voila your look is complete!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and the steps were easy enough for you to follow. I would love to hear what you thought of the look, and any ideas of a new look you would like me to try?

A Perfect Mix of Beauty Basics

I thought that I would take advantage of the last day of Boots' 3 for 2 offer and pick up a few of my essential beauty products that I had just about run out of. This time I thought that I would mix it up a little and try a different brand rather than sticking to the ones I know.

Firstly, there is a lot of hype from beauty bloggers surrounding the drugstore Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, and every time I head into Boots I always walk past the counter and pick up Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer as it is a product I get on with very well. There was only three shades to choose from which I think isn't a good variation however the Cool Medium 2 was the perfect shade for me luckily. It is quite a thick substance, quite creamy and once rubbed in it is quite heavy (is that even the correct phrase?!) I have only used this a couple of times but on first impressions I really like it and it covers up my blemishes really well and last pretty much the whole day without having to reapply, something I do an awful lot.

The next product I picked up was the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, I have actually used this mascara before, many years ago and quite liked it. I am on quite a tight budget this month so I wanted something cheap and cheerful but does a good job and I knew that this product would not let me down. The brush is quite big and spaced out which I find is perfect to make my lashes look a lot longer than normal. The liquid is quite wet however, it does not clog up the brush something that I found with the No.7 mascara, so it goes on quite evenly and your not left with your lashes sticking to one another.

For a while now I have been debating on what eye liner to go for, whether it is a pen, or brush which dips into a pot of liquid (liquid liner). I recently discovered my Collection Extreme felt tip liner at the bottom of my make up bag the other month and I realised how easy it is to create the perfect line and flick with this product. Unfortunately, it had been drying out for a good few weeks so it was time to look for something new, after watching one of Sprinkle Of Glitter's YouTube videos where she used Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen I really wanted to try this out. It has an ever so slightly narrower nib than the Collection pen which does make a difference when applying it to the eye, and I also feel it creates quite a dainty little line which is really cute, plus it can be built up to the thickness you like.

Overall I am really pleased with my purchases and I am getting braver and more interested in trying out different products and brands than what I am used to. Have you tried any of these products before? I would love to hear what you think of them.

Series: Festival Look Book 1

Festival season is fast approaching, so I thought it would be quite fun to make a little series of posts with different outfit looks if your struggling what to buy/pack/wear. These will be posted every Wednesday at 3pm so keep your eyes peeled for the next installment.

A couple of years ago I went to my first ever festival at Leeds Fest and I was absolutely clueless of what to pack, especially if you are like me and not a light packer in the slightest. The biggest issue to keep in mind is the British weather, it could be 28 degrees one day or a storm the next, so I believe that packing layers is the best thing to do!!

T-shirts, hoodies and thin jackets are probably the best items you could pack, that way they fold quite small into a bag or you can tie them around your waist if you get too warm or you can layer them up bit my bit if it gets a little cold, especially in the evenings and you don't want to walk miles and miles to your tent just to get a massive coat. 

I absolutely love this first look, Kimonos are beautiful statement pieces, you can really find such incredible patterns and designs in silk fabric through to cotton. This is perfect to either stop yourself from burning or keeping you a little bit warmer if there is a slight breeze, it is lightweight and will not annoy you by making you ridiculously hot if you are stuck in the middle of the crowd.

Teaming it with either a crop top if your brave and adventurous, if not with a plain t-shirt and some little denim shorts rather than a pair of jeans. Shorts are pretty much what everyone wears at a festival, they are cool, you don't have to worry about them getting muddy or wet at the bottom, and they just look summery. Wear with thick socks above your wellies for that quirkier look but will also keep your feet warmer and dryer.

Finally, the best thing that I found at a festival was wearing a bum bag, yes they are not fashionable, but, they are very practical. You don't want to be messing around with a massive bag in such a crowd, also you are at a very high risk of pick pocketers, so a bag over your shoulder is not ideal. A bum bag is always in your sight, and is very tricky for someone to try and steal your possessions without you noticing. Plus, they are small enough to be worn under your clothes so people can be unaware that your actually wearing one!

I hope that this was helpful, and you enjoyed reading the post. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I would love to know what you think.