Walking up Rivington Pike

Hello, hope everyone is well.

This post is slightly different than usual, and will be very image heavy. A couple of weeks ago when it was Mother's Day I was invited by my boyfriends family to go for a walk at a place called Rivington Pike which is in Lancashire.

It is quite hard to describe what exactly the place is, it's a walk which goes uphill going through a bit of a woods area on uneven ground and a lot of steps. This made me a little bit worried as I have not been on a walk like that in a very long time, we are talking years and years ago. Plus I was working the night before and didn't finish until 4:15am which was not very fun.

But as soon as I got there and started walking, I woke up properly and was really enjoying myself. I think because I don't normally do this kind of thing, but I would happily do it more often. It made me feel so much better about myself, I was out in the fresh air all day (was really sunny and warm), I had people around me and I was getting a bit of exercise. The place was beautiful, so picturesque, I kept having to get my phone out and take loads of photos. Once you got to the top, the view was stunning, it was quite a muggy day which was disappointing but it was still lovely to sit down and see what was all around us.

Hope you enjoyed the post, and all the photos.

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