Review: Fake Bake Spray Tan

 Before spray tan

 A few hours after the spray tan 

 The next morning before showering off the excess tan

 The after look, after washing off the excess tan

 With make up and outfit for presentation

The other week I decided that I was going to go get a spray tan, Iv had one done before at my local hairdressers/beauty salon so I knew that they were reliable and I was really happy with the results. I was feeling very pale and now the sun is coming out I wanted to feel more in the summer spirit and feel happy wearing dresses and skirts. Also at University we had our sports presentations and I chose to wear a backless dress, so this was another reason to getting it done.

Before you have a spray tan done, you need to prep your body the week leading up to it. The main thing to do is to exfoliate your skin allover, this gets rid of the dead skin cells and when you get the tan it doesn't stick to the rough patches and leave certain areas darker than others. Moisturise daily, in the evenings is better as it allows your skin to soak in all the moisture during the night. Shave or wax 24 hours before your appointment so that you skin calms down before having a product sprayed onto you.

At most places they will have a few different products you can choose from whether you want to go for a slight tan, quite dark or one which can be washed off after an hour. I opted for the Fake Bake tan, in the light shade as I am extremely pale and I didn't want to look silly by being overly dark or orange.

The process only lasted around 5 to 10 minutes, she placed some fake bake moisturiser on my elbows, knees, feet, hands and anywhere where you suffer with dry patches. After it is finished, you are adviced to wear loose fitting clothes and stay clear of liquids and steam as it could make the product run a little bit.

You then get a shower the morning after the tan to wash off all the excess and make it look even, only use warm water and not any soaps or shower gels, once the water runs clear then you are able to dab yourself dry.

I have got to admit that I was a little disappointed with my tan, when I went into the light I still looked quite pale and it was as though I had washed it all off, plus over my neck and a bit of my arms it seemed a little uneven but it wasn't that obvious so I could get away with it. Just under a week later the tan has pretty much all gone after having a shower pretty much every day.

This might shock you after reading all of this but I do like the Fake Bake product, I just think that I should have gone for the darker shade. From previous attempts it has usually lasted me a couple of weeks which is great value for money and perfect for someone lazy like me who doesn't really like using fake tan all the time. I am very pale and I would choose the darker spray over the lighter any day, it leaves a beautiful glowing skin. Plus, if it rains you don't streak!

 I always find that whenever I have had a spray tan or used fake tan, my make up applies better to my face than usual and it looks so much nicer. Does anyone else think this?

A top tip to make it last a little longer is to apply moisturiser everyday onto the skin, and also exfoliate your skin a few times a week so that when it fades, it does so evenly.

Have you ever used this product or had a spray tan? What do you think of the process?

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