Mini Vacation: London & Brighton

I thought I would show you some of the photographs I took of my two weeks of my Easter hols away, there aren't many photos as I was a little lazy and enjoying my time far too much.

The first week I headed to London to stay with my friend from my first year of uni which was a huge barrel of laughs and so good to be able to have a massive catch up. After three years of hearing numerous hilarious stories I finally got my night out at Oceana Watford, an early celebration for my 21st which is tomorrow (eek) and a pretty decent night out. The weather was beautiful that week so it made the trip so much better and you can really see how amazing London is. We had a spot of lunch at a burger place called Byrons in Covent Garden, it was so cute and quirky inside, it was hidden out of the way so if your visiting take a look at the maps situated around to find your way as I'm pretty rubbish with directions. After that we headed to Leicester Square and sat outside a Wetherspoons having a drink soaking up the sun.

The second week I was at my sisters, as I had a weeks placement in the media department at Peterborough Football Club, this was such a good opportunity getting some of my work on their website and learning a few tricks of the trade. Last weekend we took a trip to Brighton, another long awaited trip, and it also was my little nephews first trip to the seaside. My sister also won him a Shaun the Sheep on the grabbers which was hilarious, I was rubbish at it as I didn't even manage to move the actual grabber. Later I learnt that you do not take your hand off the arrows (major school boy error!) 

Today starts the celebration of my 21st which should be fun, I'm heading out to a meal with my family and boyfriend and then tomorrow which is my actual birthday I will be chilling at home! I should also be back to the regular blog posts, keep your eyes peeled as I have got some great ideas.


  1. glad u enjoyed london

    1. Thanks :) it is one of my favourite places to go x