Topshop Matte Nails

Last Summer was the first time I had come across matte nail polish, after seeing Kim Kardashian rocking Chanel black matte nails. Being a loser I am, I instantly went on the hunt for a matte nail polish, however it was quite a new product so it was very difficult to find. 

After scanning the make up section at Topshop I came across their new product range which happened to be matte nail polish. There was only four colours to choose from at this time; a dark blue, plum, light grey and I think the other one was a black colour (I could be wrong here).

I picked the dark blue colour as for me this one stood out the most. I always use a base and top coat but was undecided whether I should if it would stop the polish from being matte. The downside to this product is that it needs two coats and once the second has applied and dried it loses the matte effect and becomes a little shiny. 

The other problem I have with this polish is that it becomes chipped after a couple days wear, this could be down to how many times I have washed the pots and had a shower etc. but I do expect a coverage to last a good four to five days. Maybe it would not be as bad if I used a top coat. 

Even with all these negatives I still like the polish and use it a year later,and once run out I would go out and buy it again as I love the richness of the colour and I think for just a simple polish it works. 

Recently Barry M have brought out their range of matte polishes, in five different neutral colours. I have not tried these products myself but I have spoken to a few people who would recommend it to anyone.

Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. Nice colour. I've yet to try Topshop make up..
    Adela x