Topshop Hawaiian Print

I am in love with this season Hawaiian prints at Topshop, just look how pretty and summery they are!!

Topshop is a place that is hit and miss at the minute for me, some days I can go and there is absolutely nothing and the next minute I literally want to buy everything. I am very impressed with their spring/summer collections.

There is literally a product suitable for anything, your everyday look with the pink and blue jumper and the black and grey crop top. Or the pretty coral cut out dress and the skort on the left (something I happened to pick up the other week oops). Plus there is a product for every shape and size which makes me happy.

I am not really one for owning a two piece but this black, light blue and white skirt and crop top are beautiful, and is making me want to try it out.

Get yourselves into Topshop!!

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