Spring/Summer Shoe Collection

This week the weather has been glorious, Spring has definitely arrived and hopefully here to stay. It is getting me into the Summer mood already and I have started to look at improving my Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

First things first ... SHOES!! I have a little obsession with shoes but I still find that I still don't own enough, there is 365 days in the year after all. I have noticed that there a few new styles of shoe in stores which I am a huge fan of. 

The Jelly Shoe is back!! I was really little when these were in fashion, and they take me back to my childhood with trips to the seaside. Oh please take me back to them days... My favourite one is the glittery silver ones, I think they are very simple but will go with everything and can spice up a dull outfit. 

Gladiator sandals are another massive hit this season, technically you could really call them a shoe, how cute are they though?! I am going to end up picking a few colours in this style, they are perfect for everything, a night out if your not a fan of heels or just everyday use.

Another style that I am loving at the minute and might find myself rocking it (hopefully if I don't look silly) and that is the little cut out ankle boots with a dress or skirt. This has been in fashion for a few years now and I have been afraid to try it but not this year, you can team them with bright frilly ankle socks. 

Which ones do you prefer? How will you be styling them this Summer?

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