World Book Day- My Favourites

So today is World Book Day, I thought I would do a post on this but with a little bit of a twist! I thought that I would look at my favourite books on fashion and beauty that I had bought when I was still younger and sometimes still turn to, mainly to look at the images. 

The Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen book is amazing, I was so exciting when I saw it had come out, there literally is no book out there like it. It has some amazing images of them in photoshoots and also wearing designerwear on numerous occasions, with a few letters included from the designers themselves. It just gives me that inspiration sometimes with looking at the photos. 

I was quite young when I got the Victoria Beckham book, she is one person who splits peoples opinions, I have always liked her but reading this book has made me like her a lot more, I feel sorry for the struggles that she went through when at school and does sometimes remind me of my school years. She has now become one pretty cool Fashion Designer with some amazing designs, something I wish I could go out and buy every season. 

The Make up book looks very simple and you might think well why would she need that, but hey not everybody knows every single thing about beauty, there is always something that you can learn! I remember buying this when Borders was closing down and I managed to get it fairly cheap.

What is your favourite fashion/beauty/hair book?

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