Topshop Matte Nails

Last Summer was the first time I had come across matte nail polish, after seeing Kim Kardashian rocking Chanel black matte nails. Being a loser I am, I instantly went on the hunt for a matte nail polish, however it was quite a new product so it was very difficult to find. 

After scanning the make up section at Topshop I came across their new product range which happened to be matte nail polish. There was only four colours to choose from at this time; a dark blue, plum, light grey and I think the other one was a black colour (I could be wrong here).

I picked the dark blue colour as for me this one stood out the most. I always use a base and top coat but was undecided whether I should if it would stop the polish from being matte. The downside to this product is that it needs two coats and once the second has applied and dried it loses the matte effect and becomes a little shiny. 

The other problem I have with this polish is that it becomes chipped after a couple days wear, this could be down to how many times I have washed the pots and had a shower etc. but I do expect a coverage to last a good four to five days. Maybe it would not be as bad if I used a top coat. 

Even with all these negatives I still like the polish and use it a year later,and once run out I would go out and buy it again as I love the richness of the colour and I think for just a simple polish it works. 

Recently Barry M have brought out their range of matte polishes, in five different neutral colours. I have not tried these products myself but I have spoken to a few people who would recommend it to anyone.

Have you tried any of these products before?

The Sunday Post

Hello, happy Sunday everyone, hope you are all ok and having a lovely weekend, I know I am.

First things First, I want to apologise for the lack of posts this past few months, it is now the start of the business end of the year at University, there is so much work I have to do it really isn't fun and it is taking up a lot of my time. To put things in perspective I have six deadlines all to be done in three weeks which is including my dissertation then I am practically free and into the real world. I have had to take the decision to put all my effort into my work so that I can get a good enough grade and be able to look for a job, so unfortunately I have had to take a backseat with Adventures of Wonderland for now. But don't worry in a months time there will hopefully be a blog post everyday!!

I cannot wait for Easter to be here, I am going to London for a week to see some friends and then on my way home I'm stopping off to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephew for a few days so that's exciting. Expect a lot of photos from my trip as I absolutely love London, if I could I would live there. Then I turn 21 at the end of April which is very exciting, I cannot wait to be able to celebrate without a worry in the world of any deadlines.

Hopefully at some point this week I am going to be doing a haul post, seen as I have picked up quite a few different products over the past month and I still have my eye on a few more products. My local Primark have just brought in all their summer dresses, I want them all, they are just so pretty!!

Anyway I feel myself rambling on, so I shall leave you all to your Sundays :) xxx

Brow Products

When it comes to eyebrows everyone has a different preference of shape, size and if they colour them in or not. I tend to tweeze my own as I cannot afford to keep paying for someone else to do it, but I did have them waxed over a year ago to get my initial shape. Some days I love having quite big eyebrows, then I look back in photos and think why did I like them and make them slightly smaller in size. 

It has only really been in the last year that I have taken my time to fill them in, before I was a little lazy and thought it didn't really make much of a difference, but how wrong was I? It can really change your face shape completely. For me I didn't want to go fairly dark as I thought I might look a little silly being quite pale. 

The first product I used was the Mac Veluxe Brow Liner in brunette, it's alright but something that you might want to use on the days you are not doing too much but want your eyebrows filled in. It's quite pale and not the easiest to apply as you cannot get a strong line to get the pronounced shape, it reminds me of a crayon when you used to use them as a child, it will crumble a little. 

I then got the Mac Eye Brows Self Propelling in Brunette, it's so much nicer than the pencil, it is a much smaller nib, like a ball point pen and perfect to create the perfect definition to get the arch. It is a much nice darker colour than the pencil to fill in the brows so much better without creating a little mess under the eye. 

However as I am not the greatest fan of the pencil and the Self Propelling pencil is quite small and I don't really want to use it all up so soon I was in search for another product. I do have my eye on the Benefit Browzings but having to wait for payday is not very fun, one day it will make it's way into my make up bag. 

So after watching numerous YouTube videos for inspiration I found that a lot of people were using a brown eyeshadow to fill their brows in. So I gave this a whirl and have not stopped using it since. The only palette I own that has any shade of browns in is the MUA Heaven and Earth from Superdrug, the slight issue I have with these colours is that they are a little too shimmery and have a red tone to them, so I am on the hunt for something more matte. To apply it I use the Make Up Forever brush in no. 2S which has a very small tip, my cousin who is a make up artist over in Dubai gave me this brush and I love it. It is really for applying eyeshadow just under the eyes of on the waterline. 

I need to get my hands on a hard angled brush which is not too pricey, so it would be nice if any of you could recommend me one :) I would also love to hear what brow products you are using too. xx

Spring/Summer Shoe Collection

This week the weather has been glorious, Spring has definitely arrived and hopefully here to stay. It is getting me into the Summer mood already and I have started to look at improving my Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

First things first ... SHOES!! I have a little obsession with shoes but I still find that I still don't own enough, there is 365 days in the year after all. I have noticed that there a few new styles of shoe in stores which I am a huge fan of. 

The Jelly Shoe is back!! I was really little when these were in fashion, and they take me back to my childhood with trips to the seaside. Oh please take me back to them days... My favourite one is the glittery silver ones, I think they are very simple but will go with everything and can spice up a dull outfit. 

Gladiator sandals are another massive hit this season, technically you could really call them a shoe, how cute are they though?! I am going to end up picking a few colours in this style, they are perfect for everything, a night out if your not a fan of heels or just everyday use.

Another style that I am loving at the minute and might find myself rocking it (hopefully if I don't look silly) and that is the little cut out ankle boots with a dress or skirt. This has been in fashion for a few years now and I have been afraid to try it but not this year, you can team them with bright frilly ankle socks. 

Which ones do you prefer? How will you be styling them this Summer?

Stay Matte Primer - Rimmel

I had run out of my Primer over the weekend and as I didn't have any time to pop to town I knew that my supermarket had a Rimmel section in their makeup bit, so I was just going to pick up the same one which was Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro, this works so well with my skin, it is really nice silky and smooth when applying and my make up stays on for the full day with a little retouch of powder every now and then due to having oily skin.

I then noticed that Rimmel have another primer which I haven't seen before so I am unsure if it is new or not so please let me know! It is Stay Matte Primer 003, I wondered what it would be like being matte but I actually quite like it and will probably suit my skin better being oily. It is a more thicker substance when applying and feels quite heavy and dull but once one it works exactly the same as the Fix and Perfect Pro.

Plus I have noticed that my skin feels a lot healthier after using primer and my spots are not inflamed which makes me very happy.

If you have any other recommendations for Primers then I would love to hear them xx

Statement Neckalce

I went into Primark the other day for the first time in a while, so I was looking forward to seeing what new products they had. I was very disappointed at the one I visited there was literally nothing I liked at all which made me quite sad, however I found this necklace and had to buy it. I love necklaces but I don't really wear them that often, so far I have two statement necklaces but I just wanted to add to the collection. 

I love the colours of this chain one with the pale pinks, grey and silver, making it perfect for spring and summer. I wore it the next day and everyone was asking where it was from which was lovely and so good to say it was only £5 from Primark.

Diamonds and Stripes

I have not done an outfit post in what feels like forever, this past month at Uni has been so busy, so all my efforts has gone onto my work rather than my blog unfortunately. But fingers crossed I can hopefully juggle the two a lot better from now on. 

I found these leggings/trousers (treggings?!)from Topshop right at the beginning of February but I had to wait for pay day and it was the longest wait ever!! I have also bought a few other bits over the past few weeks so I am thinking of doing another haul post soon.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend xx


This seasons hottest trend is pastels! You can walk into every shop and just see an array of products in pastel colours, they just look so cute, delicious and delicate.

I have always been wary of very light shades, with my pale skin tone I never thought I would be able to pull anything in a pastel colour off but you will be surprised. There are so many products out there to choose from you cannot go wrong, if you don't suit such a pale top try a skirt, or maybe just go with pastel accessories.

Another way of wearing the trend is breaking down a dark outfit, if your like me and live in black leggings or maybe in dark jeans, wear a lovely pastel knit or shirt to make it look a little dressier and girly. 

 Luckily it is one trend which will stay!

World Book Day- My Favourites

So today is World Book Day, I thought I would do a post on this but with a little bit of a twist! I thought that I would look at my favourite books on fashion and beauty that I had bought when I was still younger and sometimes still turn to, mainly to look at the images. 

The Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen book is amazing, I was so exciting when I saw it had come out, there literally is no book out there like it. It has some amazing images of them in photoshoots and also wearing designerwear on numerous occasions, with a few letters included from the designers themselves. It just gives me that inspiration sometimes with looking at the photos. 

I was quite young when I got the Victoria Beckham book, she is one person who splits peoples opinions, I have always liked her but reading this book has made me like her a lot more, I feel sorry for the struggles that she went through when at school and does sometimes remind me of my school years. She has now become one pretty cool Fashion Designer with some amazing designs, something I wish I could go out and buy every season. 

The Make up book looks very simple and you might think well why would she need that, but hey not everybody knows every single thing about beauty, there is always something that you can learn! I remember buying this when Borders was closing down and I managed to get it fairly cheap.

What is your favourite fashion/beauty/hair book?

Topshop Hawaiian Print

I am in love with this season Hawaiian prints at Topshop, just look how pretty and summery they are!!

Topshop is a place that is hit and miss at the minute for me, some days I can go and there is absolutely nothing and the next minute I literally want to buy everything. I am very impressed with their spring/summer collections.

There is literally a product suitable for anything, your everyday look with the pink and blue jumper and the black and grey crop top. Or the pretty coral cut out dress and the skort on the left (something I happened to pick up the other week oops). Plus there is a product for every shape and size which makes me happy.

I am not really one for owning a two piece but this black, light blue and white skirt and crop top are beautiful, and is making me want to try it out.

Get yourselves into Topshop!!

February Favourites



So February seems to have flown by and it was quite difficult to figure out which were my favourite products, I have pretty much liked the same stuff as what I did in January.

Calvin Klein Summer - I am loving this perfume at the minute, I bought it on the plane coming back from Spain in the Summer and have used it pretty much every day since. It is such a nice flowery scent which does remind me of Summer (hence the name).

Johnsons Baby Shampoo - What a brilliant product this is to clean your make up brushes with, I only bought a travel size one as you really don't need to use much of it at a time. I have used other products in the past and my brushes just end up smelling horrible, but now they just smell so clean.

Nail Polish - I am not one for going for a non branded nail polish, however I received this last year for a Secret Santa present at uni and I got a huge pack of different nail polishes. This pink glittery one I have been picking up a lot, it so pretty and girly plus it lasts for about a week.

Cath Kidston - This toiletries bag has been a massive savior  these past few months, I have been traveling from uni to home, to my boyfriends and also visiting other family members. This bag is the perfect size to fit my shampoo's etc and all my make up to take with me, its so much easier using one bag rather than carrying around two.

March Wishlist


I have been wanting to do my March Wishlist for the past few days now, but I have been so busy its unreal so hence the lack of blog posts. February was a very bad month for me on the blogging front, I seemed to have gone from bad to worse with my punctuality and actual posts.

This is a bit of a wishlist may be a little out of reach with the Michael Kors bag and watch but hey, one day I will own one of each. 

1. Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors
2. Black Gelly Shoes - Asos 
3. Leahter Bag - Michael Kors 
4. Pink Nailpolish - Essie 
5. Browzing - Benefit 
6. Hard Eyebrow Brush - Beneft