Window Shopping Picks

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely evening yesterday, me and my boyfriend went to an Indian Restaurant where I live called Bollywood Lounge, it has to be the best curry I have ever tasted, it just so nice! I was very spoilt as he bought me the most beautiful Pandora Ring and a bunch of flowers and paid for the meal. 

Today we ventured into Leeds, I have not been since Christmas so it was lovely to walk around even if it was freezing cold. It has got to be said that the Topshop at the Trinity shopping center has to be the best one, they have a dj blasting out some dance tunes which always makes me want to go on a night out. 

I was taken back at the amount of things I really liked, I can easily walk into Topshop and back out again without seeing anything I like. I tried on a very cute basic grey bodycon dress in a jersey fabric which felt so comfortable, it was around the £25 mark, the next item I tried was the Hawaiian/palm tree print skort. It was amazing, I'm not one for big bold prints like this and normally very short shorts don't fit me properly however this was the perfect fit. It looked flattering as the fabric at the front which makes it look like a skirt hid the lumps and bumps around my stomach. Unfortunately these are on my wish list until I have enough money to purchase them *sad face*.

At the end of the trip I had to go to Trinity Kitchen to get one of the     Original Fry-Up Material burgers, they are the best tasting burgers ever, so delicate and mouth watering. I could literally eat another right now.  This place is such a unique way for a food court, each month five or six new street food vans make their way to sell their grub to the Leeds family for a month to promote their business. 

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far xxx

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