Valentines Ideas for Him & Her

I'm sure nobody needs reminding that it is Valentines day on Friday, so for the remainder of the week my blog is going to be aimed towards having the perfect day. Apologies to those who don't like this day or aren't bothered about it, then spend the money on yourself, everybody needs to treat themselves every so often.

To all those guys reading my blog then here are some cute little gifts that you can get that special someone, there really is so much stuff to buy and something out there for everyone you really cannot go wrong. You could surprise her with her favourite perfume, Marc Jacobs has some gorgeous perfumes that smell delicious and the design is so pretty.

Jewellery is another gift which can woo your girl, Pandora always seems a place to go whether you are picking her out a new bracelet or just getting a charm to go on the one she already own. Another brand to look at is Thomas Sabo, if she likes her pearls then this is the perfect place.

Oh and men, don't forget the flowers. Not every woman may like a bunch of flowers but a lot of us would love a bunch of roses to wake up to in the morning.

 For us ladies, finding a gift for your man can be quite tricky for Valentines day, a lot more than birthdays and Christmases. I hope that these few gift ideas I have shared helps you, my top present would have to be either a fancy watch or some aftershave, something that he doesn't already own but it also gives you the opportunity to pick the one out you like the most. 

An obvious gift would be some boxers; Ted Baker, Calvin Klein and David Beckham for h&m are the brands that always seem very popular.

If he is technology mad then maybe go for a game or accessories for his PlayStation/Xbox, a good trick here is pick a game that you might enjoy playing yourself so then you wont be ignored :) Lego and anything similar to Mario Kart are very fun to play.

Chocolates and sweets are a must!

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