Who would have thought it, scrunchies are back in fashion?! 

As I was shopping at the weekend I couldn't help but notice that scrunchies had made their way into Topshop, they seemed quite pricey at £4 but it really made me want one! Primark were also selling them around the £2 or £3 mark which for me I still think is silly paying for one bobble, so I asked my mum if she could make me one. 

My mum is a children's wear designer which is pretty cool and she can basically make anything from scratch and has saved me a lot of money over the years. After I had picked what fabric I wanted them in, in no time she had made me the three scrunchies. 

I have seen a few people wearing their scrunchies as a bracelet rather than wearing it in their hair which also looks pretty cool. 

What do you think of scrunchies making the come back?


  1. Your hair looks awesome in this scrunchi!
    I LOVE scrunchies!

    Kelly from | Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

    1. Aww thank you :) I can't believe they are back in fashion. Would be lovely if you could give my blog a follow x

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