Rocking the T-Shirt

Top: Levi's, Hoody: Jack Wills, Leather Jacket, h&m, Leggings: River Island, Scarf: London Street Stall, Shoes: Next

As you can see i have a change of location, I am trying to figure out what looks good, where the best lighting is etc. as it is not so easy for me to get some images taken somewhere nice outside. I would love to know whether you like my new location or if you prefer the old one. 
This is actually my outfit from yesterday, I knew that today was going to be extremely busy and I did not want to miss a post. I was in lectures all day so I kind of wanted something comfortable to wear so I reached for my Levi's top which featured in my Haul post, I teamed it with some leggings a hoody and my new flats.

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