Jojoba and White Vanilla

Whats that I see? Another blog post on a candle ... yes, yes it is!

I think every girl loves a good candle it makes your room look so pretty and smells nice, this one is from the nspa range from Asda which shocked me and they are known to have a wide range of skincare products which is what I was originally looking at.  It smells absolutely amazing, I struggle to find a candle that I like the smell of as I'm so picky but this one was a must, it is quite sweet from the vanilla but quite refreshing and calming from the Jojoba. It was just under £5 which is a bargain!

I would also like to apologise for the lack of posts over the weekend, I came back to University on Saturday which was a very last minute plan as my friend from first year was up and we had to have a night out together. It was amazing and it makes me miss them times a lot *sad face* but then yesterday it was back to reality and being trapped in that one room for another few months, with a ton of deadlines.

However I have a few exciting things planned for Adventures of Wonderland, I cannot wait to be able to share these things with you all. xx

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