January Favourites

Here are a few items that I have been really loving in January, it was fairly easy for me to pick as I have been quite obsessed with them. 

It has been quite difficult to pick a different top to wear week in week out, whenever I just want to throw something on comfortable I always go for this animal print top. I have had it for years and only really just started to wear it. Don't worry it has had a wash inbetween wears. 

I bought the Real Technique brushes in December and I literally do not know how I have coped applying make up before?! The expert face brush is the best one, foundation has never gone on my face as good as it has been using this. 

The Soap and Glory handcream is a savour, I keep it in my handbag all the time as I have been using it everyday. My hands have been quite dry and rough this winter so this really does sooth them. I have to say exactly the same thing about Vaseline, I stopped using it for a few years but after getting it for Christmas I absolutely love it,  it has to be the only lip product I will reach for at the minute plus being Cocoa Butter it tastes so good. the eyeBright by Benefit has also been another product I have started to use again, I put it on my lower lash line to make my eyes look brighter and more awake.

These really have been my go to hair products pretty much everyday. I love this John Freida root booster spray, I was a little reluctant at first if it would add any volume to my hair but it really does, I spray it on the roots after washing it. The Vo5 Plump me up dry shampoo has featured on my blog before, I feel it works so much better than the Batiste dry shampoo by miles!! My hair is extremely flat so during the day I might give it a little spray around my roots to give it that little bit of a lift. This little bulldog clip is so cute, I got it from Primark ages ago, it comes with a pink one too. My hair really needs cutting but I am in one of them phases where I really do not know what I want, so I just reach for the clip pretty much every day. 

If any of you have used any of these products I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

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