Haul - Liverpool and Cheshire Oaks

January should really be the month to save your money even though the sales are calling your name, December was a really expensive month for pretty much everyone. But this kind of hasn't gone to plan, pretty much every weekend so far I ventured somewhere new where shopping can be involved, I did pick up a lot of bargains to be fair.

I'm not a fan of long skirts I feel that they are unflattering for my shape, they tend to just cut me off mid leg and I look extremely silly, however this lycra skirt from Forever 21 was perfect, it stopped just above my knee so perfect for these colder days. It was only £4.95 so I kind of wish I picked up the black one as well.

I have to say that these little black slipper shoes only really cost me £5, they are actually £30 from Next, however I actually took the black skirt I got from Lipsy which I have posted about previously back as I felt that it was a really odd fit and as I hadn't already worn it I knew I wouldn't in the future.

The best product in this haul has to be this pink flowery dress from Primark, how pretty is it?! I noticed it in my Look magazine a few weeks back and wanted it immediately, it was such a bargain at £8. I don't normally like the way these raglan skater dresses look when I put them on, they are quite unflattering as the waistline falls right on my hips. However, this one I can cope with, I got it in a bigger size so that it falls better and I actually really like the way it looks. I cannot wait for warmer weather to rock this.

The next few items were bought when I went to Cheshire Oaks at the weekend, I love that place everything is sooooo much cheaper than you would find in all the other stores. This Levis top is something I would not normally go for, it is a little boyish for my liking but seeing all the staff in the store rocking it with rolled up trousers and pumps and it looked so cool. I have worn it twice now since picking it up, it will look perfect in the summer with some little denim shorts.

The Mac Make- up was once again bought by my boyfriend, I don't know why he keeps doing it, but I am one very lucky girl. At Cheshire Oaks there is a make-up store which has all the old stock from brands at very very cheap prices, I picked up a bronzer, eye shadow and lipstick which I will talk about in great detail in a post in the next few days.

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