Hair Update - It's all about the volume

These two products are absolute life savers, after running out of my John Freida volume spray I had no clue what to try next. I found this Bed Head Volumising Hairspray when I was at home last week alongside this Urban Sea Salt spray, so I thought why not just mix the products together and see how it goes. 

I would definitely recommend you going out and getting this Bed Head product, I remember purchasing it from a salon in Manchester quite a few years ago but I had seen it in a lot of shops beforehand, if they don't stock it anymore then Bed Head is an amazing brand so you should be able to get something similar. I just spray it around the roots of my hair, but you have to dry it as soon as possible as it can turn your hair a bit straw like.
I then spritz the Sea Salt spray through the rest of my hair to give it a little bit of texture, I'm not exactly sure where I picked this up from but there are loads of sea salt sprays out there, the next brand I'm wanting to try is Bumble & Bumble, I have read such good reviews. 

For me I cannot stick to one product to add volume to my hair, once one has run out I have to try something new!

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  1. I'm constantly fighting to give my hair some volume too! thanks for the review on these products :)

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    AL xx
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