Hair Problems Part 2


Yes it is yet another hair post... to follow on from the last one I have one again decided to change the style of my hair, I only got it cut last week to a blunt chop and had my layers trimmed. But I still found myself clipping the front part back everyday as it was going far too flat and stuck to the side of my face. 

So this afternoon I took the plunge and got my fringe cut back in, I have not had one for around three years now so I thought maybe it was time for a bit more of a change. I went with an image of it to part down the middle like so, however I have a core flick on the left side of my head right at the front so it was impossible for it to work. It is very hard getting used to as it feels so short, but hopefully I will love it in a few days. *fingers crossed*

I would like to apologise for the poor quality of my photos, I unfortunately left my camera at University as I am at home for the week so I am currently using my iPhone camera which is alright but very grainy! 

Has anyone got any good tips on having a fringe? Any products they are loving at the minute?

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