Benefit 10 - Contouring Heaven

It really is all about contouring at the minute, I have never been very adventurous to try this as I never thought I had the appropriate product to give it a whirl, plus it makes me very nervous to try a new make up look. With Kim Kardashian rocking this look for many years (I LOVE HER!) I had to try and follow in her footsteps. After watching one of Tanya Burr's videos I noticed she had used the real techniques powder brush to apply her bronzer to create the contour effect, so I thought I would give this a go with my Benefit Hoola. However I still couldn't master it well at all, I struggled to get the perfect definition of my cheekbones and it was driving me crazy.

Then, I re-discovered my Benefit 10 blusher/bronzer combo in the bottom of my make up box, with it being half bronzer and half blusher/highlighter I realised it is made for contouring. The bronzer looks fairly dark in the box so you only need to apply a little at once, if your not careful you could look with grubby cheeks and that really isn't a good look.The other half is a pale creamy pink, perfect to highlight your cheekbones, both are extremely glittery which is a little off putting for me as I prefer more matte looks, but it looks beautiful on, it makes your cheeks look fresh and brighter.

The only downside and major issue here is, Benefit have now stopped making this product!! Why? I have no idea, but this makes me very sad and I am now going to have to go on the hunt to find another product just as good.

If anyone has any recommendations then please comment below, I'd love to see what you are all loving at the moment.

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