Hair Update - It's all about the volume

These two products are absolute life savers, after running out of my John Freida volume spray I had no clue what to try next. I found this Bed Head Volumising Hairspray when I was at home last week alongside this Urban Sea Salt spray, so I thought why not just mix the products together and see how it goes. 

I would definitely recommend you going out and getting this Bed Head product, I remember purchasing it from a salon in Manchester quite a few years ago but I had seen it in a lot of shops beforehand, if they don't stock it anymore then Bed Head is an amazing brand so you should be able to get something similar. I just spray it around the roots of my hair, but you have to dry it as soon as possible as it can turn your hair a bit straw like.
I then spritz the Sea Salt spray through the rest of my hair to give it a little bit of texture, I'm not exactly sure where I picked this up from but there are loads of sea salt sprays out there, the next brand I'm wanting to try is Bumble & Bumble, I have read such good reviews. 

For me I cannot stick to one product to add volume to my hair, once one has run out I have to try something new!

Benefit 10 - Contouring Heaven

It really is all about contouring at the minute, I have never been very adventurous to try this as I never thought I had the appropriate product to give it a whirl, plus it makes me very nervous to try a new make up look. With Kim Kardashian rocking this look for many years (I LOVE HER!) I had to try and follow in her footsteps. After watching one of Tanya Burr's videos I noticed she had used the real techniques powder brush to apply her bronzer to create the contour effect, so I thought I would give this a go with my Benefit Hoola.However I still couldn't master it well at all, I struggled to get the perfect definition of my cheekbones and it was driving me crazy.

Then, I re-discovered my Benefit 10 blusher/bronzer combo in the bottom of my make up box, with it being half bronzer and half blusher/highlighter I realised it is made for contouring. The bronzer looks fairly dark in the box so you only need to apply a little at once, if your not careful you could look with grubby cheeks and that really isn't a good look.The other half is a pale creamy pink, perfect to highlight your cheekbones, both are extremely glittery which is a little off putting for me as I prefer more matte looks, but it looks beautiful on, it makes your cheeks look fresh and brighter.

The only downside and major issue here is, Benefit have now stopped making this product!! Why? I have no idea, but this makes me very sad and I am now going to have to go on the hunt to find another product just as good.

If anyone has any recommendations then please comment below, I'd love to see what you are all loving at the moment.

Jojoba and White Vanilla

Whats that I see? Another blog post on a candle ... yes, yes it is!

I think every girl loves a good candle it makes your room look so pretty and smells nice, this one is from the nspa range from Asda which shocked me and they are known to have a wide range of skincare products which is what I was originally looking at.  It smells absolutely amazing, I struggle to find a candle that I like the smell of as I'm so picky but this one was a must, it is quite sweet from the vanilla but quite refreshing and calming from the Jojoba. It was just under £5 which is a bargain!

I would also like to apologise for the lack of posts over the weekend, I came back to University on Saturday which was a very last minute plan as my friend from first year was up and we had to have a night out together. It was amazing and it makes me miss them times a lot *sad face* but then yesterday it was back to reality and being trapped in that one room for another few months, with a ton of deadlines.

However I have a few exciting things planned for Adventures of Wonderland, I cannot wait to be able to share these things with you all. xx

Ditsy Print

Dress: Primark, Cardigan: Topshop, Tights: Primark, Shoes: Next

 The sun has finally come out to play the last couple of days and being a typical Brit I decided to dress like it was Summer, by wearing a very thin floaty skater style dress. However I didn't take into consideration of the strong wind that keeps picking up every now and then which could have left me very red faced on some occasions. I decided to team it with some black 40 denier tights and my knitted cardigan to add that much needed warmth. 

I love this dress, I don't tend to own any day dresses which is annoying when I want that odd girly outfit look. It was such a bargain at £5 from Primark and it comes in literally every colour and pattern you could imagine.

Marks & Sparks Collection Review

 Biker Coat: £110, Grey Knit Jumper: £49.50, Abstract Print Jacket: £55,  
Grey Boots: £49.50

Marks and Spencers at London Fashion Week was the collection which shocked us all, it was their debut collection at the Somerset House showing off their Best of British Autumn/Winter 2014 womenswear. They looked absolutely gorgeous with fine bright knits and tailored coats. 

This inspired me to take a look at what Marks had currently to offer in store and came across some really lovely pieces, the two products which stood out for me was this grey coat and grey/marl studded ankle boots. The coat is stunning, it is part biker with the zip going across the front to one side, but it has that smart look to it, so perfect to wear to the office or meetings on the cold winters day.

The spotted blouse is bang on trend following in the footsteps of Topshop, it can be worn with jeans or dressed up tucked into a little black skirt or with some leather leggings.

I would definitely recommend anyone to have a look in Marks and Spencer when they are next out shopping, go in with an open mind. You are met with a lot of products which are more suitable for the older generation but don't let that stop you from rummaging further in store as you can really find some key pieces.

The only negative is that the products are a little pricey for a high street store which is a shame. 

Hair Problems Part 2


Yes it is yet another hair post... to follow on from the last one I have one again decided to change the style of my hair, I only got it cut last week to a blunt chop and had my layers trimmed. But I still found myself clipping the front part back everyday as it was going far too flat and stuck to the side of my face. 

So this afternoon I took the plunge and got my fringe cut back in, I have not had one for around three years now so I thought maybe it was time for a bit more of a change. I went with an image of it to part down the middle like so, however I have a core flick on the left side of my head right at the front so it was impossible for it to work. It is very hard getting used to as it feels so short, but hopefully I will love it in a few days. *fingers crossed*

I would like to apologise for the poor quality of my photos, I unfortunately left my camera at University as I am at home for the week so I am currently using my iPhone camera which is alright but very grainy! 

Has anyone got any good tips on having a fringe? Any products they are loving at the minute?


Who would have thought it, scrunchies are back in fashion?! 

As I was shopping at the weekend I couldn't help but notice that scrunchies had made their way into Topshop, they seemed quite pricey at £4 but it really made me want one! Primark were also selling them around the £2 or £3 mark which for me I still think is silly paying for one bobble, so I asked my mum if she could make me one. 

My mum is a children's wear designer which is pretty cool and she can basically make anything from scratch and has saved me a lot of money over the years. After I had picked what fabric I wanted them in, in no time she had made me the three scrunchies. 

I have seen a few people wearing their scrunchies as a bracelet rather than wearing it in their hair which also looks pretty cool. 

What do you think of scrunchies making the come back?

D.I.Y Bake a Cake

Yesterday I had an afternoon of baking, I did not have a clue of what I wanted to bake then I found the mould to this massive cupcake so I thought why not give this a go.

It was super fun and really easy to do, I followed the simple instructions to make a Victoria Sponge, however I doubled the quantity so it would fit into the mold as its pretty big.


4 eggs,
200g Self Raising Flour,
200g Caster Sugar,
200g butter


I used an electric whisk to mix the sugar and butter together until it was light and fluffy, then added one egg at a time and a bit of flour and kept mixing until it was all gone.

I then got a bit of butter and wiped it around the inside of the cake mould so that the mixture does not get stuck when once cooked.

You then pour the mixture into each of the moulds, the bottom half with a little bit more than the top, or if your just making it in two normal cake tins then make sure that you have got the equal amount of mixture in them both. Feel free to lick the bowl clean!

Place these mixtures into the oven and leave for 25-45 minutes depending on the mixture that you used, keep an eye on it as it could be done quicker than what you think. To check if it is cooked properly in the middle, get a knife or knitting needle and stick it down the middle of the cake, if it pulls out clean that it is done.

Leave it for about half an hour to cool down then you can start decorating your cake.

I then mixed 100g butter and 200g icing sugar together to make the butter cream which I then added to the top of the bottom half of the cake along with some strawberry jam. I then placed the other piece of the cake on top of the other one and then used the rest of the butter cream to decorate the top of my cake. I placed it on quite unevenly and added hundreds and thousand sprinkles on top to make it look pretty.

Voila the cake is ready to eat!

The Sunday Post: In Bloom

Happy Sunday :)

Hasn't this weekend gone fast? 

Today has been a very chilled day of sitting around watching the television, I managed to watch a sneaky hour of the Kardashians this morning on E! I love that family I wish I could live their lifestyle with all the pretty clothes, make up and amazing hair, then this was followed by watching the football. 

This afternoon I had a dabble at baking a cake, but it was not just a simple cake it was one massive cupcake. For a few weeks at uni I had been wanting to bake something nice but with the state of the kitchens there and not having all the utensils I decided to wait until I was back home. It will feature on my blog at some point this week, I promise! I am also thinking about some other D.I.Y posts that I can do for you all to enjoy so watch this space. xxx

Window Shopping Picks

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely evening yesterday, me and my boyfriend went to an Indian Restaurant where I live called Bollywood Lounge, it has to be the best curry I have ever tasted, it just so nice! I was very spoilt as he bought me the most beautiful Pandora Ring and a bunch of flowers and paid for the meal. 

Today we ventured into Leeds, I have not been since Christmas so it was lovely to walk around even if it was freezing cold. It has got to be said that the Topshop at the Trinity shopping center has to be the best one, they have a dj blasting out some dance tunes which always makes me want to go on a night out. 

I was taken back at the amount of things I really liked, I can easily walk into Topshop and back out again without seeing anything I like. I tried on a very cute basic grey bodycon dress in a jersey fabric which felt so comfortable, it was around the £25 mark, the next item I tried was the Hawaiian/palm tree print skort. It was amazing, I'm not one for big bold prints like this and normally very short shorts don't fit me properly however this was the perfect fit. It looked flattering as the fabric at the front which makes it look like a skirt hid the lumps and bumps around my stomach. Unfortunately these are on my wish list until I have enough money to purchase them *sad face*.

At the end of the trip I had to go to Trinity Kitchen to get one of the Original Fry-Up Material burgers, they are the best tasting burgers ever, so delicate and mouth watering. I could literally eat another right now.  This place is such a unique way for a food court, each month five or six new street food vans make their way to sell their grub to the Leeds family for a month to promote their business. 

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far xxx

Valentines Looks

 Happy Valentines Day! 
I have put together a few looks for you for a little inspiration if you are still unsure what to wear. They are three completely different looks, so is perfect for whatever your antics are; whether you are going for a meal, drinks or out with the girls. 

The floaty red dress is super girly, you can team it with either flats or heels, and a leather jacket if you want to add some warmth. If it is very cold where you are then a fur jacket could make it very cosy. 

If you want a more casual look then stick to wearing leggings or trousers there is really nothing wrong with this, if you want to add a bit of edge then pick a leather pair, teaming it with a smart blouse and some wedges.

The third look is definitely for  a night out with the girls, this skirt is a very popular trend this season amongst shops, the luxe leather makes it look more quirkier, alongside a cute girly blouse or shirt and a pop of colour for the heels. 

For your make up I would say less is more, a beautiful feline flick eyeliner with pristine brows and a hint of colour on the cheeks with bright red lipstick definitely spells out Valentines! If your more of a smokey eye girl use pretty colours such as pinks and purples. 

Whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you have fun! xxx

Valentines Ideas for Him & Her

I'm sure nobody needs reminding that it is Valentines day on Friday, so for the remainder of the week my blog is going to be aimed towards having the perfect day. Apologies to those who don't like this day or aren't bothered about it, then spend the money on yourself, everybody needs to treat themselves every so often.

To all those guys reading my blog then here are some cute little gifts that you can get that special someone, there really is so much stuff to buy and something out there for everyone you really cannot go wrong. You could surprise her with her favourite perfume, Marc Jacobs has some gorgeous perfumes that smell delicious and the design is so pretty.

Jewellery is another gift which can woo your girl, Pandora always seems a place to go whether you are picking her out a new bracelet or just getting a charm to go on the one she already own. Another brand to look at is Thomas Sabo, if she likes her pearls then this is the perfect place.

Oh and men, don't forget the flowers. Not every woman may like a bunch of flowers but a lot of us would love a bunch of roses to wake up to in the morning.

 For us ladies, finding a gift for your man can be quite tricky for Valentines day, a lot more than birthdays and Christmases. I hope that these few gift ideas I have shared helps you, my top present would have to be either a fancy watch or some aftershave, something that he doesn't already own but it also gives you the opportunity to pick the one out you like the most. 

An obvious gift would be some boxers; Ted Baker, Calvin Klein and David Beckham for h&m are the brands that always seem very popular.

If he is technology mad then maybe go for a game or accessories for his PlayStation/Xbox, a good trick here is pick a game that you might enjoy playing yourself so then you wont be ignored :) Lego and anything similar to Mario Kart are very fun to play.

Chocolates and sweets are a must!

Hair Problems

As you have probably gathered from previous posts I have a lot of issues with my hair, it just doesn't seem to want to do anything at all, grrrr!! 

There are loads of different products out there to help add volume hair which I am steadily going through, it tends to work for a couple of weeks then somehow my hair gets used to it and goes back to being really limp. I have just run out of the John Freida Luxurious Volume Root Booster spray, I noticed a difference in my hair it seemed to have a little more bounce but not as much as what I would have liked, so now I'm on the hunt for something new.

One product which really has made a difference to my hair is the V05 plump me up Dry Shampoo, I would recommend this over the Batiste Dry Shampoo anyday. It seems to have a better consistency and stick to the hair more. However I don't really want to be using this every day especially when I have just washed it.

Batiste have recently brought out a new product which is a Dry Styling Plumping Powder, it exactly like talcum powder. You only need a small bit of it and apply it right on the roots using your hands and give it a bit of a rub, it is quite drying so it isn't something you want to be using all the time. 

I have started to take a little bit more care of the condition of my hair, I have had my hair cut on regular occasions (it's meant to be every 6 to 8 weeks) and use conditioner on every other wash. I have picked up the argan oil shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment, thanks to my boyfriends sister who told me about it. From the amount of backcombing I do my hair goes very brittle on the edges and goes quite fine, so I wanted a product which gives it more nutrients and also make it look a little thicker. I have only used it once but I did notice a little difference, so fingers crossed. If your hair is in a bad condition then I would recommend using a mask once a week and use oil two to three times a week.

But I am still in a style rut and need help, anyone out there know of some amazing products that can give my hair some volume?

Strong Emotions

This post is something a little bit different than what I normally would do, and I hope that this will help others too who also feel in this situation. 

I am in my final year of uni and I must stay it has been the best three years, I have met some really nice people, especially my amazing boyfriend. However I have got to say that it has also been the hardest three years of my life so far, I don't think that anyone can set you up for all the emotions you will feel. 

These past few months since returning in September has been the hardest time for me, I have felt so lonely and it can make you a little depressed, living on such a small campus and in halls is sometimes like you are in a prison and you don't really see the outside world. I don't see that many people, except for working on a Wednesday and Friday night at the uni bar I can go the full week without seeing anybody and it really is horrible! Then the homesickness kicks in.

This is the reason why I started Adventures of Wonderland, it gives me something to do in my free time and is different to the work I have to do on my course. I love having my own blog and being able to shoot different outfit looks and trying out new beauty products and hoping that I can inspire others out there too. I have been wanting to create a blog since I was at college but I was always worried what other people would think of me, if they thought I was vain from being in a lot of the images or showing off what I own. But then after looking at numerous blogs out there I realised that you should never be afraid of trying something new and what other people have to say about it, if it makes you happy then go for it.

I hope that this post might inspire other people out there who may feel in the same situation as me, blogging really is amazing!!

Lazy Days

Striped Top: h&m, Skirt, Forever 21, Tights: Primark

So today has been the start to the first weekend I have felt relaxed and stress free, in what feels like months. I am staying at my boyfriends house for a few days which is just what I need to get away from staring at the same four walls of my uni room in halls. It is so nice to remember what it feels like to be in a house.

I have been struggling to find something I like to wear with my grey skirt I picked up at, at Forever 21, whatever I team it with I also feel a little too dressed up for what I am actually doing. But today I discovered this striped top at the back of my drawers and thought it would look perfect, it is super comfy, warm and looks fairly casual.

Me and the boyfriend went for lunch with a few of his friends today to a cute little place called Baffito, the logo was using a mustache which has been in the trends over the past few years. I chose the chicken, cheese and pesto panini, it was basically just a pizza as a sandwich but tasted good! I think we are heading out for a few drinks with his family tonight which should be good, I cannot remember the last time I have had an alcoholic beverage (how can I call myself a student?). xx