What I Got For Christmas 2013

Is it just me who is trying to hold onto Christmas still? We are still in the 12 days period before all the decorations have to be taken down, so I guess I can do this post 'What I got for Christmas'. I will start with a little disclaimer that I understand that this is not something everyone might enjoy reading and that is completely fine by me, I am in no ways showing off at what I got, I hope that there is plenty people like me love having a nosy at what people got. *slaps wrists*

Also apologies for the poor quality of photos, I have been at work all day and it was pretty dark outside and only had my iPhone on hand so they are quite grainy images however, I was far too excited for this post today.  

I really have been one lucky girl this Christmas and I cannot thank family/friends enough for what they chose for me. The two checked shirts I chose myself on a quick shopping trip with my mum, they are both exactly the same style and are such a bargain for around £7.99ish at h&m. They also got me a hard drive which is what I have been after for most of this year as I need extra back up for my dissertation and all the photos I take. My boyfriend picked some amazing gifts with the Mac foundation, Cheeky Alice perfume in the image below which I have had my eye on for a good few years, probably because it has my name in it. He also picked out this cream biker jacket from New Look which is the cosiest and comfiest things to put on and goes with everything I wear. The best thing of all is my Pandora bracelet and charm, it really such an amazing gift, that alone would have been more than enough for me, it is so pretty and delicate. 

All these other gifts are from my parents, sisters and other family members. Every year my mum makes me and my sisters a toiletries bag which is such a great idea, these are the things everyone needs and products which always run out, so it is perfect for taking back to university with me. I am also getting back into reading with the Hunger Games books, I can have a glass of wine and eat some chocolates in the process. 

I hope you liked having a gander at what I got, I am very grateful for my gifts. If anyone else has done a 'What I Got For Christmas' post then let me know I would love to see it xx

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