The Sunday Post

It is Sunday again, this weekend really has gone far too quick, and I guess the saying: time flies when your having fun, really is correct!

What a week it has been, such an amazing one for me personally, it started off fairly boring doing uni work and lectures. It has become very real that I am in my final year as I have just applied for my first job *eek*, it really is an exciting time.

However in the early hours of Friday morning my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, he is super cute and very tiny. I am going to keep all the other information private but I just had to share the exciting news with you all (mother and baby and doing really well!)

My blogging has been all over the place for this reason and this is a rather short Sunday post (I'm sure you can all let me off) as I am going to go give my little nephew lots of cuddles before I have to go home *sad face*.

I hope you have all had a fabulous week xx

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