The Sunday Post

Yesterday I went on a little trip to York to spend some quality time with my parents before I headed back to University today (boo!!) this holiday period has flown by far too quick for my liking, it only seemed yesterday I packed my bags and went home for three weeks. It is fair to say no work has been done being my dissertation, I have stuffed my face and spent far too much money but, I would not change it for a second.

I do love York, it is such a beautiful city to visit, with all the quirky little shops down 'The Shambles' and the unusual style of buildings which are home to your usual high street stores. It reminds me slightly of Carnaby Street in London and Canterbury which is another place I absolutely love visiting. 

This is a slightly different post than what your used to reading on a Sunday, I feel that it needed a new look for 2014, something more exciting. Hope you enjoy xx

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