The Gym isn't so Scary

We are well into January now and we are still suffering the post Christmas blues, not forgetting all those resolutions of diets and a health kick after the amount of cakes and alcohol consumed over the festive period.

It may sound a lot of hard work but I can honestly say it doesn't have to be, I'm no professional by any means but it really is so easy. I joined the gym around November last year as well as being part of the University Netball team, I was so scared I had never entered a gym before, used weights and I felt a little scared of all the guys who basically are in there for hours building up their muscles.

I just walked straight over to one of the female staff members and explained my situation and I booked a personal training session to learn what is the right equipment for me and how long to use them. I only go three days a week with two of them being personal training sessions, and I tend to last about 45 minutes to an hour, after four weeks I did notice a difference with my body.

When it comes to food, I do not stick to a strict diet whats the point it is not fun! I make healthy but proper meals with added vegetables and fruit for afterwards, and I have completely cut out snacking in between meals which was my downfall. But on a weekend I do allow myself a few cheeky treats like chocolate. Plus it is all about water, you really cannot get enough of it, it helps flush out any toxins in your system and your skin feels a lot more replenished.

You have to stick at it, don't give up it can be fun, get yourself a gym buddy, create yourself a playlist which makes you feel motivated. AND finally it is an excuse to take yourself shopping, get some gym clothes they come in all bright colours and fancy patterns - h&m have a brilliant sports section, I have got all my stuff from there. When it comes to trainers spend a little more than what you would like to get a quality pair, I am currently in love with Nike Free runs but they are a little bit pricey.

Girls a top tip of mine - buy a sports bra!

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