Night of Pampering

Sorry for the lateness of this post *slaps the back of my hand* I have had a full day of lectures and then caught a train home for a few days which will be really nice and a much deserved break. 

Last night I decided to have a little pamper session by myself, it was the first night I had to actually relax in a while and I felt my face needed some TLC after the amount of make up I have piled on it over the past month. It had become really dry and damaged so a face mask and lots of night cream was in mind. I picked up a couple of these mud masks from the supermarket the other day, they are so cheap which is amazing, I think I paid around £1 for them - perfect if you are on a budget like me at the minute. It really is so good at how quick the masks work, and I want to try and keep on top of doing face masks regularly.

What a better way to accompany a face mask with drinking wine, eating a cupcake with candles lit around, giving a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

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